Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Book of Sarah

Here's a peek at the beginning ------ My, how Tomas/Jonathon has grown!------First of all, we must agree that what comes next is fiction. You have to accept this. Please, you  must. You do not know. Please... I am in hiding. Even for a 'vampire' I am in hiding. There are secure places. I have them all over the city of Philadelphia. I am writing this through my 'familiar.' He is that wilkravitz fellow . I can send my mind up out of my body. I send it to him and he does what I say. He was eating lunch in an all you can eat Chinese style buffet when I occupied him. Now he is sitting in a public library frantically typing away, while irrate young ruffians await their chance to play games and turn their own minds into jelly. They are after me. They want to destroy me. I do not understand this world. I do not know why. I have never so much as harmed one soul. Countless bodies maybe, but a soul, never. You would think that after almost one thousand years, I would have this all figured out, but everything keeps changing all the time. Just when I get used to a century it's all gone. Do you know anybody who needs any powdered wigs or stove-pipe hats? I believe I have a trunk or two stuffed with bell-bottom pants if you want them. Can you imagine the tag sale I could have? Right now, I'm in the long forgotten, dusty toy department of the buried Gimbels subway store. I like it. I can forget my troubles here. Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and Legos... They are wondrous. I have reconstructed our old villa in Al Andaluz. It's quiet here. It calms me. Except for the passing subway caravans, I hear nothing... at least not with my ears. Sarah... I want to be with Sarah. I will abandon this wilkravitz person soon and fly to her. She is worried about me. Soon it will be dark. I will leave then. Inshallah, they will not see me. Maybe I will be strong enough to sublimate? Maybe I will  be able to  pass through the solid matter of the world and appear by her side. There are things she has to know. For they who seek to extinguish me , would do the like to her. Please believe me. I have never harmed a soul. No one can harm a soul. their fate rests in the Hands of God. Am I still a believer? Of course. Faith never dies. I am looking at the small, plastic recontruction of my boyhood home. It is a balm to my senses. Yet it reminds me of that fantastical trip and how I came to be. Let me catch my breath. Let me relax and float back down to the floor. This nervous levitation tires me. I like to feel my own weight. I like to have my feet on the ground. I can hear the fire of the sun. It is beginning to pass 'round to the other side of the world now. Perhaps I will soon be able to leave this land of dead, dry, dusty playthings? Perhaps... and then the real games can begin. I am done here, for now. Let the ruffians come and have their fun. Who cares? They'll soon be jelly.Corpses get that way, you know....

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