Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Book of Sarah

Things like this were common practice among the vampirisi in the old days ~~~ This is not fiction. I am not supposed to say it, but I have to. My God, I have to..... I heard  muffled screams coming from somewhere deep within the maze of caverns. My strange benefactor just stared at me, never saying a word. I got up and began to explore. First I came to a hidden 'room' covered in primitive, though evocative murals, rich with animals and other rudimentary signs. The colors were basic, yet still vivid. At the time I did not know how I was able to see them in what I took to be complete darkness, but I was able to see them. Now I am quite used to these abilities, but then it was like a dream. And still the sound of the muffled screaming drew me on. More rough tunnels. Dampness. Cold gray rock, then another room, larger and rounded. A manic, little, naked dwarf danced about a yawning, dark pit. He was festooned in chains and jewels from the treasure vault. His skin seemed softly golden, but as I drew nearer, I saw that he was covered in short, glossy fur, like a horse. Weak moans came up from the bottom of the pit. I approached the edge and peered down. Two pathetic, dirty girls dressed in filthy tatters stopped their crying and looked up at me. I heard the voice of my strange savior. He said - Go down to them. Go down, before the last of your human self dies. But I did not comprehend what he was saying. So the manic dwarf danced behind me and pushed me in. I tumbled to the bottom, a distance equal to four times the height of a man, but was not injured and quickly sprang to my feet. The strange savior called down and whispered - Now, before the last of your living essence dies. I understood. It was elemental. It was instinct and there in that arcane place, I coupled with one of the filthy victims. Through that act, my human line survived. Some of them are walking with you now. But the second one became my first true meal..... And I remember her taste to this day.....


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