Monday, September 20, 2010

The Book of Sarah

After the coupling my skin began to burn. An acidic agony spread over my whole body. I began to tremble. The girls began to scream. My two mysterious companions looked down silently from above. A tear developed in the skin along my hairline, as I started to molt like a snake. I heard my benefactor's voice. He said - Now it is complete. There  is no going back. Welcome to the demi-angelic host. I stood there watching my skin slough off and roll down my bare body. I really didn't understand it all and was just grateful that the burning stopped. But then I was gripped by a visceral craving. The strange man watching from above knew this. He felt it and he said - Take the rejected one. Take the one who will not be the mother of your mortal line. I hesitated for a moment, but I knew what he meant. She screamed. My 'bride' pulled back into the shadows. I grabbed the second girl and began to feed. It was not gross. It was not sloppy. It was not like what you see in the cinema. The whole act was neat and discreet. My eye teeth, now formed into razor sharp, cunning fangs, broke through her skin. There was no tearing. There was no mauling. It was rather like a kiss. It was like a restorative drink from a warm, rich fountain. And in a few heartbeats it was over. I was satisfied. I was fed and she was dead. The fat, little dwarf started clapping his hands, as he capered about making disgusting sucking noises. My strange benefactor yelled - Silence! It is as his first communion!... The dwarf sneered and said - He no have first communion. He Jew. He no believe in real god...The strange man struck him hard and he collapsed. I could hear it. I could hear his mohair covered, fat, little ass smack down against the cold, hard stone floor. And I saw the corpse of my victim ignite in to a cold, blue flame and. disappear. I know I promised to tell you about Sarah, but sometimes these things just come pouring out. Please forgive me.I can't help it. We of the 'demi - angelic host' are in fact a very emotional breed.

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