Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Book of Sarah

Let me tell you a bit about The Enemy. At least I can tell you the things that I know. They have been in existence since the beginning, whenever that was. They have taken many names, always aping some spiritual or religious establishment. But I do not think they have very much to do with the divine. I think they serve another lord. At times they labored for the 'dignitas' of the Roman State.  Some worked for the various medieval Inquisitions, or the Pact of Omar in unitarian Muslim lands. Indeed, just twenty two centuries or so ago, some beings who claimed to be high born Judeans , threw their weight behind certain segments of the Sadduces. Always claiming to work for the good, but many die in their wake. Countless lives are ruined and the evolution of human spirituality ultimately suffers. Now they, or some of their number are in Philadelphia. I know they've already taken a few victims. There was that 'foreign' vampire and I think  they're responsible for a mass shooting in the offices of an up and coming congresional candidate. I hear the dogs howling every night. The Old Woman who keeps house for me claims she hears footsteps scampering across the roof. and Bob (poor guilless Bob) thought he was being tailed by a turncoat vampire the other night. Turncoats, of all varieties, often help them. But then he claims to have heard the turncoat let loose a barrage of loud, oily farts and everyone knows a true vampire would never (could never) do that. It must have been an Enemy of the merely human variety. Needless to say, Bob has become especially vigilant, always on the lookout for a particular individual who appears to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.Baylah has this thing she does with a whoopee cushion, but I do not think that it is very funny. She is more of a fatalist. What can I tell you. Me? I think we are in real danger. A few nights back,as I made my midnight rounds in an unnamed hospital, dispensing drops of my blood to deserving souls as they dozed, I heard a voice, a whisper actually, from somewhere in the shadowy hallway. It said 'Jonathon' my true name. I froze. The nurses at their station heard nothing. But I did. For an instant I almost lost my power to sublimate. One of the LPN's almost saw me. I could tell. I could see it in her eyes. I could see her mouth a prayer. I could see her cross herself. Look, if anyone reading this knows something, if anyone is willing to help, please get in touch with me via my 'wilkravitz' email site. Go to Upon my honor, I promise to respond to every one of you. When it comes to confronting evil, we are all in this together. May He who made the universe surround us with his Holy Presence. Stay safe. Be vigilant.

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