Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Book of Sarah

This is me, Tomas. I don't know how this is getting through to you. I think it is being channeled through wilkravitz, but I am not sure. I hope it is coming to you via wilkravitz. I do not think any of my other familiars are doing it. May God protect us. We (Sarah and I) spent about fortyeight hours with the underground squatters. The matriarch, Crazy Mary has a 'husband' up topside. She got in touch with him on a 'borrowed' cell phone. He met us on a bench  in a little used station somewhere under Chinatown. We followed him up to his truck, a battered pickup, parked in a sticky, litter-strewn rat trail behind some bus station. The windows were coveered in that dark film much loved by would-be drug lords and paranoid, pseudo-celebrities. He floored it and took us over the bridge into Jersey. I was trying to contact Bob and Baylah. He's not too adept, but she is very strong and I was able to get through to her. She sent me a picture of her surroundings. I described the scene to Crazy Mary's parttime husband. He hunts muskrat, and recognised it as somewhere in The Pines. I instructed Baylah to visualise some structure, no matter how decpreped, nearby. She pictured some little shanty, moonshiner hideaway. There was a dried up old sign on the front. It said 'Zeke's Bait and Gas. I told the 'husband.' He chuckled. He knew where it was, because he and his cousin catch rattlesnakes right by there. They skin them. The skins are valuable. I suppose God was looking out for us. I suppose He was helping us, for ninety minutes later we were there. The 'husband' didn't say a word. He just let us out. Then he turned around and sped back the mud track toward the city. Some people were watching from the tilted porch of a little cabin. I think Jed Clampett used to live there (another TVland show that I like). There was a man and a woman. Bob and Baylah were there too. We were all silent. We all went in. I sensed that the two mortals were very adept. They could read my mind. Not every word, but they got enough. Actual words were not necessary. I told them what happened, telepathicly and verbally. Bob and Baylah told me what they learned from a certain TV host-real estate tycoon in Atlantic City. We just sat there thinking. We had to come up with a plan.  The mortal woman, a big thing, a real virago, toothless and all, started to laugh like a crazy woman. Spit flew out of her mouth. The male just sat there, hugging his skinny elbows and chewing something (a dark wad) in his mouth. The female, after regainning her composure, said - We are in for it now. The Enemy got a wild hair up its ass. But don't worry, at least not too much, 'cause we got some good 'Pow Wow' (folk wizards, like shamans) wimmen in these woods and they know what to do. Sarah said - What, what will they do? The woman said - Not just them, us too. You too. 'Specially you too. You know that hair he got stuck up his ass? Well we all gotta pull it out. We gotta reach up there and pull it out. We gotta pull it out real good. And that's when her male companion softly started to cry. That night was especially dark, even for a vampire.

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