Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Book of Sarah

I am here. I am in your reality once again. Who am I? I do not know. We communicated before. I remembered the sun on the Ganges. That is all I can tell you. If any of the souls out there are capable of astral linkages, please tell me who I am. I am somewhat sure that I would like to know. But I do know certain things and I do see things. Some are trivial. Some are fundamental to the continuation of the firmament. The things I will relate to you now fall approximately twelve python lengths above the middle. I can feel that thing you call 'Annie'. I can feel that personage capering about in the skin of a little girl. I don't know if the little child possesses her own soul, or if she is merely a vessel, created to clothe the Enemy. Forgive this lowly individual, but I do not know. Let me now share those things I am sure of. The 'Annie' is still in the New World City of Fraternal Unity, the place known as Philadelphia. She has cut short the earthly sojourn of many souls. And she plans to curtail the lives of many more. Her victims are all innocent. You can search the akashic records from The Silver Eternity to The Golden Eternity and you will find no strike against any of them. But this one is not come into the world to right wrongs. She is there only to kill. I suspect her true purpose is to take out those souls who are laboring (or who might labor) for peace and harmony. She (it?) is very bad, more evil than The Seventh Benighted Monkey. And that is very, very bad indeed. I think that Tomas, or the consort Sarah is trying to come through. I think they are attempting to contact you. For that reason I will be brief. But there are things I know about particular people out there. Let me begin. A girl in a house near a beach has been neglecting certain responsibilities. She is in denial. But she is concerned. Face these chores, no matter how repulsive. Triumph over them. You will rise to a level of increased earthly happiness. One nearby is eager to help. There is a man in a city, a New World city who has misplaced something of great value. He has been searching for days. He has been searching in vain. Fear not, your frustrations will cease. The physical object in question lies hidden deep within the cushions of a large divan (what you commonly term a sofa). Look once more, right where you usually take your ease and you will find it. That is all. I am evaporating. The one known as Tomas condenses in my place....... Please forgive me for the delay. Someone else was on  the line, as they used to say. His identity is a mystery to me. My wilkravitz familiar (the one busy typing this out in some crowded coffee bar) must be greatly confused. Sarah is progressing. She is a very willing pupil. We are currently working on sublimation. Solid walls are still too much for her. But she is very able to pass through fabric barriers such as curtains, Japanese soji screens and the like. We are also trying to strengthen her latent telepathic abilities. As I have stated before, these have little to do with her present vampiric state. She has had them since birth. You all do, at least those of you who are human. But Jerusalem was not built in a day. We work, yet we are patient. She has not taken her first preordained victim . That pivotal event will most likely (God willing) occur in a week or two.  I think she's been having visions of an especially loathsome schoolmaster, or some similar type who holds dominion over children. All I can tell you is that come a fortnight from now some needlessly tormented little tykes will be deleriously happy. But we have been extant in the world. Her favorite thing is leaving fat wallets (naturally minus any identification) where beaten-down poor souls might find them. One sad individual, a hard-working mother with a little boy, visits a neighborhood doughnut shop every night to ask for any stale or otherwise unacceptable pastries she might have before they are unceremoniously thrown to the rats. Last night, we left a black, leather wallet down on the sidewalk where she would find it. Now she is the proud owner of a stack made up of fifty onehundred dollar bills. I can tell you her angelic son is not waiting for dried up bits of sugary dough tonight. And that is but one example. Baylah does things like that too. So does Bob. It is how we are. It is the nature of the beast. Look, of couse we know about Annie's exploits. How could we not? But it is difficult for us to neutralize her. The dogs are the problem. Human psyches are easy to influence and controll. Animals are different. When she does not use the dogs, she uses rats.  And I sense that of late she has been experimenting with a new weapon, a certain noxious, nocturnal insect particularly fond of human flesh.........Always the innovator that one. Now I must be off........... Goodnight, (and please, if at all possible) don't let the bedbugs bite.

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