Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Book of Sarah

We are seated around a small coffee table in the front parlor of our new townhouse, Tomas, Albion and I. Yes, Albion. I know him now, at least officially I do. He was dressed as a lithe, young Christmas Elf. The outfit was quite adorable. Even 'Buddy' had none better. And he was smiling and capering about before a stout, old woman attempting to raise money for The Salvation Army. I think it was the music of her bell that initially attracted  him. But he does have a heart and so he stayed to help the woman achieve her task. Bundled pedestrians thought he was part of the show and after a bit that little red kettle was filled with one dollar bills, some larger denominations and a few leftover Halloween coupons for junior frosties at Wendy's. Tomas and I watched his inspired performance from a distance, sheltering in the entrance alcove of a massive high-rise. Tomas said - Look... The little one... He is one of us.You've seen them. You've seen the like before around the city, no? Now I did recall him mentioning them, the elves and cherubs I mean, from time to time, but I really did not know too much about them.Tomas said - Watch. He changed his stance, tilting his head just a bit. He cleared his throat. The elf-princling heard. He noticed and he looked up. Tomas took my arm. We walked forward. The woman with the bell paid us no mind, staying focused on her purpose. The pedestrians ? Well those Center City magnates were far too important to bother with the likes of us. Tomas was not wearing standard, accepted business attire and I was a little too free spirit sporty for them as well. You know the type, like Regis and Joy (both of whom I truly quite like) rushing off to nibble at some three hundred and fifty dollar dinner presented amidst the latest in sang froid elegance. Well screw them. We've nibbled on far more expensive fare. Fresher too. Anyway, the fine featured young one did notice us. He stopped his cavorting and came forward to meet us. We shook hands, a bit warily, but sincere just the same. I think I know you - said Tomas.. But before he could contimue the juvenile responded - Albion. I am Albion, sir. Yes, yes, I remember. And this is my dear consort, Sarah ......I nodded. Albion bowed deeply.. I offered my hand and he kissed it. I said - Please walk with us. Come, we are returning to a warm, cozy hearth. Join us. Savor a spiced candle. I'm sure we have a scent you would like..... And so we strolled back to the townhouse. Two stylish, young 'townies' and their yuletide attired  son. Perhaps he is in a play? ........ Perhaps we all are. And now we sit here talking, making plans, plotting intrigue and hopefully forging an alliance to see us through these trying times. What could this flesh and blood Peter Pan do for us? What weapons would he and his siblings bring to the battle? And is it truly fair of us to ask?

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