Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Book of Sarah

Everything has been arranged. We will go into the pines. Familiars will take care of our house, our assets and anything else here. Baylah is still a bit skeptical. But she is willing to cooperate. The Pow Wow Woman went on ahead. She's driving an SUV loaded with our things. It's amazing how much pointless junk supposedly miraculous creatures like us 'need' to survive. Tomas tells tales about rustic, Nobel hermits who hid in a different shadow every morning and clothed themselves in rags, veritable John the Baptists of the vampire world, or Elijahs. He claims that some of the 'crazies' ranting away on nighttime urban corners in cities throughout the globe are souls such as these.... Itinerent travelers out to save the world. I asked him, if this is so, why those God intoxicated souls never managed to cull many of the truly wicked characters, dictators and satanic killers plaguing humanity. He reminded me, for we speak of this often, that the most evil among us explore the occult and recognize the element of magic in our world.  True they tend to follow it down poisoned tributaries. But they learn useful secrets none the less. Most of the high ranking members of Germany's government during the nineteen thirties and early forties were quite adept in the black arts. Lord Voldemort??? Do not make me laugh. There were hundreds of thousands like him back then. In many nations. In many groups. That is why the world needs us. We do our best to cull those within our reach. What about Bob? He refuses to go with us. It's like a fate thing with him. He wants to stay here and wander the starlit streets  alone. If misfortune finds him, it must have been ordained. That's what he says. That's how he feels. Like a fatalist monk administering to the countless sufferers left dying on cold cathedral floors during the worst of The Plaugue. Well, the rest of us do not agree. If remedies are offered we will take them. For it is also said that God helps those who help themselves. Oh, and that nurse who woke only to find that she'd apparently misplaced all of her toes?  She died. Sepsis set in and the high priced posturing shamans working above her could do nothing.... Nothing but accept their extortionist fees. Some were sincere. Some tried. But not enough. Now Baylah remembers much about the arcane sciences from her time spent in Old World African courts back before her transformation. And the crazy, French bitch that brought her over knew a lot too. But she still doesn't have much faith. The throwing of the bones? What could it achieve? If truly as powerful as Edith claims, why are so many Piney's (by no means all, but many) still crowding 'round poverty's edge? Inquiring minds would like to know. Perhaps soon we will. The three of us, Tomas, Baylah and myself intend to travel via sublimation. It can be done. As you know, we have been practicing. And we can zip through woodlands in the park very easily. Look out for us if you happen to be traveling along some of the lesser routes through the South Jersey  and Central Jersey forests. Attend to that fleeting bit of night mist passing stage right. It may just be 'friends' winding through the night.

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