Friday, December 17, 2010

The Book of All Things New

Now you may have noticed that this is not coming to you channeled through that wilkravitz person like it often did. True, he is now usually tied up minding the elves and cherubs. But Annie spit in his food a few days ago. Since then he has not been able to focus. And he spends most of his time sitting in a chair playing with a cheap, little, battery powered, hand held video game. What's worse, he rarely wins. So that's why it is I, Zeb, bringing you this episode. By now you're probably used to my 'voice,' but I like to announce myself just the same. What did I want to tell you? Oh, yes. Since all the 'magic' started, since all that stuff at the basketball game and the T.J. Maxx store, the government's Anti Bewitchment Agency has been activated. Bet you never knew you had one, but you do. Ben Franklin started it right at the time of The Revolution. The agents are kind of like the men in black, but a little less so far to the right. And they've put up screens around the president, the cabinet, the legislators and a whole bunch of other stuff too. Some disgruntled types claim they're trying to influence the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars. Not true. They have other guys in the press secretary's office who do that. Getting back to Annie, she now sleeps when the 'blood folk' sleep. Her schedule is tied to theirs. She beds down with them too. Not with Albion and Marianne or the older ones. No, she takes her rest (if she does rest) with the younger elves. The cherubs mostly keep to themselves. I'm on the look out for the Shaky Hand Man, but he does not seem to be frequenting our environs. But that does not mean that he is not still out there. Edith and the Red Paint People can pick him up. They form a grid with their minds, like a net. And it covers the city plus most of the close-in suburbs. So they know he's still playing around. He pulled out a few really important plugs in an assortment of area hospitals. Not only  will this mischief result in the deathes of  some good, undeserving souls (his favorite prey), but also in the filing of unfounded, though profitable law suits. He likes a certain type of sticky lawyer, so the suits should make him  happy. At least the families of the innocent victims should benefit.  Our guys, namely Baylah, Tomas/Jonathon and Sarah have been out hunting too. They've gone out culling victims every night. Not once a month, like they used to do when they relied on those visions. Now they rely on themselves like the Red Paints told them to. True, they have been discreet. A mercenary doctor here and there. A politician on the take. The usual array of  shyster attorneys. Gangsters. Evil step parents. Bad Santas. Bad bosses. Take your pick. And the chosen individuals always go poof in a flash of cold, blue flame, leaving little, if any evidence. Yes, they still grab all the wallets and jewelry, so their treasure cache has grown quite a bit. In fact, Sarah and Baylah make it a point to redistribute some of the loot. Look around the next time you ride the Frankford El, or any of the other working class lines. A few of the people holding on to those silvery poles have been seen sporting diamond stud earrings, not to mention the occasional premiun wristwatch. Hope they don't get robbed. But seeing as our immortal threesome has been culling the criminal element as well, maybe that won't happen.

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