Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Book of All Things New

Zebulon again. Was trying to float through some of the Red Paint Folks, in an effort to learn about them, but discovered something else. Great pulses of mind energy expanding out into Creation. Seems to be originating in Rome, from the new Trinitarian Temple complex, known as The Vatican. Jonathon appears to be hearing something too, but he's attempting to hide it. He's nervous. I can tell. Baylah seems to be picking up on it too. Sarah busies herself with the 'children.' A regular Maria Von Trapp that one is. But she loves them and they are intrigued with her. I suppose they love her in their own way. Jonathon's eye is twitching. He's thinking. He remembers something. Humans still sick. It's bad here.....

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