Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Book of Sarah

And in the morning with the sunrise the people awakened and they knew. Smash the bull. Smash the bull.Smash the bull. It was on everyone's lips. And they rose up and fell upon it, chipping it away with rocky shards. They shattered it with stones. The people labored all through the day. And with the early, cold, December sunset, their work was over. The bull was gone. A warm breeze moved through the pines. The Red Paint Man, the very one who bore witness to Captain Jean Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise, sat up in his wing-backed chair. He opened his eyes and said - Bring me the 'blood' woman. Sarah was sent for and she went to him..He gestured. She came forward and knelt down at his feet. At first she was afraid. At first she did not speak. She turned and looked questioningly at the Peekaboo Street woman, who only smiled and nodded. Sarah turned back to the strange man and said - Yes, teacher? (Why did she address him so? Who can say?)She said - What is is you want me to know?...... He stroked her hair and spoke - Your children wait for you. They need their mother. Go to them. Return to the city and feed your family. Tomas and Baylah watched from the background. The spiritual Andalusian said - What about me? What should I do? The 'Reddie' whispered - What would Rashi have taught you all those centuries ago? Tomas said - You know about Rashi? The 'Man' nodded and said that he knew of many things. Tomas teared up and said - He would have taught me to love mercy. He would have taught me to seek righteousness and to walk in the path of The Lord....... The seated man responded - Then seek not the truth in visions. For the knowledge is already in you. And Baylah, Baylah..... (she was shocked that he knew her) Trust your heart. Doubt not the still, small voice that guides you. It is the voice of the mother who lost you, but never let you go..... Baylah said - You know my mother? What was her name?  He bekoned her  to come closer. She did and kneeled down. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear and she cried. Tears ran down her cheeks. She said - Thank you. The Peekaboo Street woman said - The life is beginning to leave him. He is near his end. None present knew what to do. She comforted him and told the others - Don't be afraid. He did his part and soon he will be free. But take his blood. Take it while the spark of life still warms him. Take it and pass it on to others. So the three blood folk caressed him and drew in his essence. The Peekaboo woman watched and said - To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven......

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