Monday, January 3, 2011

The Book of All Things New

I can see the cracks. Not in actuality, but in my soul. I see them spidering through the heavy, leaden walls. How is it happening? I am not sure of that. I cannot tell you. And I do not sense an awareness of it on the part of my captors. They have sensors. They have these little, all knowing devices planted all around. But this is something different and they cannot pick it up. Of that I am sure. 'The Teacher' knows. I feel restless. There is a tingling in my fingers. My skin feels hot. Soon...soon I will slip away. I will go through the cracks. I will sublimate out into this world, this time of a thousand wonders. What will I be to them? Who will I devour? Which ones will deserve to be devoured. And do I even care?....But will it ever happen? Do I have the strength to sublimate through untold thicknesses of lead and rock and marble? Will I make it, or will I begin to condense while still imprisoned deep within the ground? That would destroy me. Every tiny shard of rock and mica would slice me into an infinity of oozing particles, a strange and magical feast for the minute death eaters inhabiting that space. Yet even that would be a freedom of sorts. Tomas.... I must find Tomas. He is the next link in my chain. Kill him? Yes, I would delight in it. But that cannot happen. I made him and I am responsible. He must go on. But oh, how torturous his journey will be. He did not even attempt to save me. He knew where I was (indeed, still am) and was content to forget me. But I did not forget him...... Look at him there in the municipality known as Filidelfia. Look at the ersatz 'family' he has assembled 'round himself. His great granddaughter-wife. His helpmate, Baylah. Those infernal 'children.' And the humans, such talents they have. Like accomplished shamans from the time of my birth. How I would like to study them and maybe even sample a few. What  does Tomas/Jonathon call them? The Red Paint People. It has a certain ring to it. It seems to stimulate various oilly nodules in my brain (yes, I am quite familiar with human anatomy.....I've dismembered enough of them.). Perhaps they are my cousins? Perhaps we are related? Ah, what a family reunion that would, my spiritual offspring and my fleshly brothers and sisters. Ooh, I must bring gifts! The cracks... The cracks are growing longer. They grow wider. He sees me. Jonathon sees me. I can sense it. I can feel it. He stops, grows silent and stares off into space. Baylah notices. She sees everything. And then there is Annie. Some say she is 'cured.' Of what, I am not exactly sure. What a twosome we could be. What playmates! Shhhh, they're sliding  down more food, some students from a nearby university. What crime did they commit? Why are they so damned? Listen to their prayers. And in this place, at this site, you'd think that they would be heard. There are three of them, two girls and a boy. They've hit bottom. They're doing what they all do, searching for some means of escape. Listen to the hearts. Listen to them pounding. Smell the bloody fingers. Dig, dig, dig. Search, search, search. Pray, pray, pray. Curse, curse, curse. I think I will take the first two quickly. I will pounce like a great cat, or a steely eyed raptor. The first two will go fast. But the third one will have to wait. And I will take my time. And I will progress at my leisure. Slow and deliberate, like a spider in the dark........ Filadelfia, here I come.

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