Friday, January 14, 2011

TMZ...........and the Vampires

wilkravitz doesn't want to type this out tonight. He wants to go to the casino. They have, I think, three of them. One is in the city. Two are in  the outskirts. The vampires don't want to give him any money. They're afraid he might get drunk on the free drinks and say something he should not say. But then Jonathon has a change of heart. He gives him a few presidential etching certificates from his own leather certificate folder. Wait, wait, wait, I know. I remember. He gives him five Benjamin Franklins. That's five hundred dollars. But he tells him to steer clear of strangers. wilkravitz says that he will. Then he goes down to get washed and dressed. It's cvold, real cold. So he bundles up in one of the shearling coats they got down there. Now he's ready, but he has to walk about a mile to get to the nearest street where he could maybe get a taxi cab. See? Taxi cab. Taxi cab. Taxi cab. Zeb remembers.. Sarah feels sorry for him. She yells - Want me to sublimate you over?...... He says - No, you don't have to go to any trouble........But she knows what that means, so she gets up to take him. Jonathon says - No, that's all right. You stay here. I will take hiim.......She asks - Are you sure?......He sighs, gets up and nods. She settles back and clicks on TMZ. She likes that show. Not for the gossip,because to be truthful, who really cares about those people. And do you really believe that stuff? But she likes to watch the way the kids they got working on that program treat the host. They have absolutely no respect or consideration for him and it shows. He's just a strange 'cultural' joke to them. They're so biased they don't even know it. I don't know why he takes it. Jonathon says what does he care; he's  laughing all the way to the treasure house. So wilkravitz meets Jonathon outside in the quiet, empty, woodlands of the park. He grabs him under the arms, clasps his hands accross his chest, shudders a little bit and they are off. wilkravitz knows the drill. They've done this before. To the occasional squirrel or dirty old pigeon, it looks as if they disappeared. But Jonathon uses some sort of vampiric ability to expand their molecules just a little, so they can rapidly pass through all forms of matter (air included) until they reach their destination. Then they slow down, hopefully in some secluded space where they can re-condense and they're done. That's it. So he let wilkravitz go behind a giant trash recepticle on the vehicle storage plain. wilkravitz most likely would not show up at the refuge till way after sunrise. That meant getting home was his own problem........... And Jonathon did not go directly back, for he's been vexed by a certain vision, a certain evil character just begging to get culled. So he hailed a cab, and rode into midtown, where he got out and went into a certain cozy, little men's shop he likes to frequent. The girls there like him and are always making eyes at him. They like to whip out that skinny, numbered, ribbon thing they got and measure him all up He likes that part too, especially when they're tying to figure out how long his new blue jeans should be. You know they are real careful about the fit. And he is one vain life-eater. I think I once told you. He tends toward a young Antonio Banderas, or maybe a slightly more angular faced  filled out version of that Vincent Chase kid the got on Entourage..........After he leaves that place he strolls over to the entrance of some multi-level, condominium for motor vehicles they got around there. He quietly goes in and winds his way up the ramps till he's on level four. That's where the bad man parks his shiny vehicle. Look, I don't have to tell you what he does. He's bad. He's evil. By his very presence he saps the Godliness out of the world. Jonathon saw him in a dream. He saw him in a vision. That's it. The 'guy's' done. He has to go. So our Zorro look-alike grabs him as he exits the little mechanical up and down room. He pulls him, all kicking and sputtering, behind a concrete pillar and he does it right then and there. The guy moans. His eyes roll back. He slumps down onto the asphalt surface. He coughs. He chokes. He wheezes. Loss of blood ultimately results in loss of oxygen, so they all suffocate. And then he dies. Yet just a second or two before he bursts into the cold, blue flames, just as Jonathon rifles his pockets for valuables and other assets, the door to the other up and down room opens and this skinny, little, pale faced, over dressed chicken girl tip taps her way out (high heels) and sees it all. She starts screaming and screaming. But the neighborhood is pretty empty at this hour so nobody hears her. And that sloppy, lazy kid they got working down in the glass pay-the-money booth ain't never gonna take his eyes off his little hand-held magic push botton space war game. So Miss Boney-Moroney is on her own. Jonathon catches her. He hugs her. He puts his hand over her mouth. Sure she fights him. But then she quiets down. Her heart is still pounding, but she does not move around too much. He says something. He whispers in her ear. He says - You tell me. You tell me. Was he a good mman? Was your boss (and also her sex partner) really a good man? She shakes her head 'no,' and stares wide eyed at the body. Only by this time the blue flame has done its work and there ain't  really too much body left there. So Jonathon pulls off his two carat diamond pinkie ring and stuffs it into her hand. He says - Here, here, take it. Keep it. This is for you. She softly caresses it in her fingers, but she does not say a word. Then he just disappears (sublimated actually) and is gone. The skinny girl just sat there and peed herself right where she was............

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