Thursday, February 17, 2011


There were lots of closets in this place. Lots of storage rooms too. Most of the staff wasn't really familiar with them all. So it wasn't to hard for the young doctorix to find a spot where she and her star patient could be toether.  The lights in the passageways were dimmed in the evening. No one could see out. There were no windows for security reasons. And besides, most levels were underground. Did the 'boss,' did Doctor Franklin know what was going on ? He might have. But come on. You all know how he is. Didn't they teach you that in high school and college? Didn't you learn about him and the comely young matrons of France? Yes, the matrons. It was easier for a married woman to 'play games' in those days, for she could almost always pass off any buns baking in her oven as works of the resident baker. It was the maidens who had to be careful, especially the ones with lofty prospects. They could be ruined. So Little Miss Medicine took Jonathon out of his 'cage.' She covered him up in one of the emerald green Eagles sweatsuits they had coming out their ears at this joint. True, some of other staffers did recognize him, but what did they care? He still wore the discipline collar. They all carried one of those small 'fobs.' Anyone could 'turn on the heat.' He wasn't about to try anything. It's not like they didn't do similar things with some of the other inmates themselves. And considering the wide variety of clientele they had staying here, some of those staffers were not too particular. The room was comfortable enough. It was a small storeage space for papers and forms mostly. There was a little desk, a chair and a worn, high-gloss, green leather sofa. Typical government issue. Look, I'm not going to give  you all the details. Remember, I was there when The Bible was canonized. I knew the people who knew the people, if you want to know the truth. Yeah, they have some soft core stuff in The Scriptures. But don't look at me (as if you could) I didn't write it. So here goes. Jonathos wasn't naked. He did have on that collar. And his companion for the evening was like-wise demure, for she retained most of her attire  too. Only it was all scrunched up. The 'top' was unbuttoned and all scrunched down around her waist. Her tastefully matching skirt was arranged in a similar manner, rolled up over her thighs and bunched up just about at the level of her navel. The florescent overhead light was on a dimmer switch. So everything had a dark, purplish-blue hue to it. Not very flattering for the human girl. But I don't think the vampire cared one way or the other. They played a rough game of 'hound and rabbit.' That's what folks called it along the shores of The Levant back in my time. Push-push, rub-rub, slap-slap, pinch-pinch. You want me to say this a few more times? Because it took a while. Remember, we're dealing with a vampire here, not to mention a girl well versed  in shall we say, human sensitive areas. So when it was finished. When the game was over, they disengaged, prettied themselves up annd talked for a while. Lucky for her, modern clothmakers had mastered the art of crinkle-proof garments. That green sweatsuit was folded up on a chair good as new. So he didn't have to worry about a thing. But Jonathon detected a rather strange frequency wafting up from his 'friend's' body. She was guilty about something. He said - What is it? What troubles you?.......She said - You can tell? You can really tell?.......He said - Come on. You know what I am. There's a gentleman one level up agonizing over how he's going to manage to sneak the state of the art computer out of his office and into his car. Another person, down this very passage, has enabled other less intellectual thinking devices in the payroll department to issue her a check for ten thousand dollars. You want me to go on?..... No - she said. It's about Sarah.........He tensed. What? What about Sarah? ........... She answered - We've got her. We have her here. And the other ones too.............How? Where? - he cried.....Don't you know? - she said...........No. Not when I'm upset. Not when I'm nervous. Tell me. Don't play with me...........She knew it was against the rules, but she told him - We  found the hiding place, the cellar or whatever it was where Papa took them. How he did it, I do not know. But Franklin found out. He knows a lot about your maker. He's been dealing with vampires and other 'exotic specimens' for centuries. He knows just about everything........And? - said Jonathon. Where are they?.........Come on. I'll take you - answered the lover. So they got up off the sqeaky sofa. Did a little bit here and there to tidy up the joint and left..... She led the way through maze-like corridors and up and down countless staircases till they came to a door.......In there - she whispered. But I can't open it. My 'fob' won't work and I don't have a key.........He said - And you think that's supposed to stop me?.......Then he turned, inhaled, wiped a tear from his eye, stepped back, pulled himself together and sublimated right through the door. The  young doctor gasped, for she had never seen the like before...... The room was medium sized and lit by small 'security' lights. Metal cabinets lined the far wall. There was no furniture. Someone had laid statues all about the cold, tiled floor. They were arranged in no particular order, like architectural 'findings' delivered to a construction site for future finishing and eventual installation. He got down and crawled among them. Here was Albion, the elf lord, along with the others of his kind. And plump, scared cherubs held court around them. Each seemingly made of the same, fine, gritty, grayish stone. Sarah lay off to the side, like an angel or a French Marianne, created for the place of honor on some fine, public building. A beaux arts maiden, waiting for her perch. He laid down beside her, put his arms around her and cried. And he stayed that way till Doctor Franklin came to find him.......

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