Thursday, February 3, 2011


She ran her fingers all up and down her torso like it was a new toy. Then she started to toss her hair around and hiccup. The other sister got scared. She hugged Jonathon real hard. But she did that every chance she got, so this was nothing new. She second sister began to shiver. She got goose bumps all over her body. Then she jumped to her feet and started to do a dance. I think it was the hot-cha-cha, or something like that. Zebulon saw it once at an old burslesque show. Only this girl had no need for the strip part, since that objective was already accomplished. So she collapsed back down onto the packed dirt floor, hugged her knees and started to rock back and forth. Her sister got a little worried. She said - What did you do!? What did you do!? ....Jonathon said - I did not do anything. I told her. I told her. It's the other crap in that can. It messed things up. We can't just mix our blood with anything else. It doesn't work that way..... Then it happened. First on her left side, but after a few heartbeats the other side caught up. She relaxed and smiled. I think there were a few soft, parting toots as well. But she had them. She had them, a brand new set of fancy chestesses. And she capered about like a crazy baboon. The first mole maid sister got up and started running around yelling - Come see! Come see! You gotta see this!.....But Jonathon just exhaled. He knew this was going to lead to trouble.

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