Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is what it is like to face a nightmare. This is what it is like to confront a 'demon.' I automatically relate these events from the vampire's viewpoint. But not tonight. This is what it is like to die at the hands of a fantasy.He had a nice home. It was one of those trim, stylish 'trinity' houses they have in the old quarters of Philadelphia, three relatively small floors (hence 'trinity'), each done up to polished hardwood, stone fireplace and premium granite perfection. The atmosphere was rather contemporary, yet with a veneer of 'georgian' charm. He paid a lot for it. Genuine, federalist, red brick properties don't come cheap. Granted, it didn't have parking, but you don't get that in the city, so the Porsche had a snug, little condominium of its own. Heated too. Twenty ten was a good year. Lots of forclosure proceedings. Just the thing for a real estate lawyer. Desperate people, willing to pay plenty (and up front too) to save their homes. Too bad it didn't always work. Too bad for the dumb assholes. Too bad for their innocent children. But real nice for him. You could pick up quite a few bargains in a market like this. And he did. So what was he worth? I do not know exactly. Modern money seems so abstract to me. Wait a heartbeat or two. I will sublimate through his computer and find out.....There, there...I have it. According to his 'personal' records, he had a total net worth (cash and properties) of thirteen point four million (I assume dollars).  Is that a lot? I would guess so. In my day, when my feet last touched the earth, we spoke of shekels and talents. They were tangible. You could hold it in your hand...a certain weight of silver and that was it. But now? Who knows? I hear some measure wealth by 'kilos' of cocaine. I wonder how much cocaine a child must bring to school to pay for his midday meal? .....The man, the 'victim' had dined alone on a dinner of 'take out' shell fish (some sort of unclean crustacean I suppose) a starchy, baked root vegetable smothered in butter and a plate of fresh, cold greens drowned in some sort of milky, eggy sauce. In my day, that sauce would have been used for a poultice. But who am I to judge the diet of these 'contemporaries'? They torture their chickens into growing massive, voluptuous breasts via all manner of dangerous potions. And then they wonder why the dangerous potions (passed on by the sacrificial birds) cause the same voluptuous growths in their own bodies. Yeech!! If I ate like they do, I'd be running to the mikveh (community baptism pool) everytime I took a crap. Ah, but Zebulon digresses. The man got up from his seat at the granite 'breakfast bar'  rinsed his plate and utensils in the polished, stainless steel sink and put them into a matching, stainless steel sanitation device. Then he belched, scratched his belly and collapsed onto a leather couch positioned before a magic mirror where he was going to watch some 'game'. I have seen this game before, but I do not know too much about it. It must have started in Nubia, for all the players (or most of them anyway) appear to be from that venerated country. But the athletics in the mirror failed to hold his attention. He pulled a cunning, little hand-held magic mirror out of his pocket and proceeded to tell it about all the 'shit, nobodies' he was going to destroy tomorrow. Then he got up, poured himself a tall, frosty mug of some fermented grain beverage, went back to his seat, gulped it down and fell asleep. Oh, yes, there was a communication from his former wife (who I suppose is the caretaker of his 'former' children), but he told her to go to hell and drop dead. Now, I would think it imperative for her to do the later first, but customs here still baffle me, so who knows. A few thousand heart beats later, some magic jinn turned out all the lights. The magic mirror went dark too. The man slept on. That is when it happened. A vampire, in this case it was Papa, sublimated through the kitchen wall. He chose that spot , because it was unseen from the street. And he walked through the residence fingering and examining all the fine, glossy, decorative possessions. Funny, but he was almost a mirror image of his intended dinner. Then he pulled up a matching, leather ottoman and sat down, studying the victim in the dark. Oh, I suppose I must repeat this information yet again, but what is darkness  to a vampire? It is nothing. They can see! They can see! All right? In truth, he sat like that for quite a while. Then he reached out a finger and ran it along the sleeper's nose. A slight snort, but nothing. The victim slumbered on. Papa tapped the belly. He pulled off a shoe. He tickled the foot. But nothing. Papa exhaled. How long must a life-eater wait? And it's no fun to eat them in their sleep, especially for a person like Papa. No, he liked to see the terror in their eyes. He liked to smell the sweat and in a majority of cases, the feces too. So that's why he did it. That's why he reached out, delicately pinched one of the man's eye lashes and quickly yanked it out....The sleeper yelped and instantly sprang to life, clutching his red, watering eye........Shit! Shit! Who the fuck are you! Who sent you?- he yelled.... Papa smiled, but did not answer....The 'toy' went on - I don't have to take this crap!You know Fat Sal!? You know Fat Sal!? .....Still no response......Well, the hell with you, you shmuck!.....The 'toy' started to tremble. He went for his little, hand held magic mirror. But Papa just took it from him and crushed it into a splintery plastic, metallic mess. The 'toy' desperately pressed back into the couch. He started to scream. No! No!  No! No!....Papa calmly extended his arm, taking hold of the victim's wind pipe, which he proceeded to destroy as delftly as he had the little mirror thingie. The toy choked. He gagged. He coughed up blood. His hands flew to what was left of his throat. Papa grabbed each wrist in its turn and broke it. Then he did  the same with the ankles too. The toy slid down onto the floor in a sobbing heap. Papa got down  and craddled him in his arms. Then he rocked him as he began to softly whisper in his ear..... Shhh...shhhh...Soon it will be over. Soon the pain will end.....The toy just whimpered. Papa brushed back its hair. Then in one,last violent move, he smiled, leaned closer and bit off the victim's nose. A little portion of the cheek came away too, but really, what did that matter now? The toy shuddered in agony. At first, Papa contemplated tearing off the eye lids too. That was a trademark of his. But he wanted to kill a few more people before the night was over, so he had to hurry. How fortunate for this victim. So he contorted the neck and moved in for the kill. The man hardly noticed when it happened. Papa waited till the body disappeared into the usual cold, blue flame. Then he quickly grabbed the toy's fine watch from the greasy residue and left. Ah, the fresh, cold air felt good. He checked the hour on his new time piece and smiled. Plenty of time for more....Plenty of time for more.....

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