Sunday, March 20, 2011


Jonathon and Luna never went back to the complex. She made her first 'cull' a mercenary bitch trying to rip apart a family, just because the husband was a bit gullible. Actualy, she did it for the children, for she understood what it was like growing up in a truncated situation. Her peeling wasn't so bad. She laughed. Jonathon helped her, as she stood under the shower of the hotel room and came clean. True, Doctor Franklin was not too pleased. He wanted to get his hands on her first. Thought he'd use guilt and loyalty to keep her home with him. The Bureau really wanted a vampire. That would be quite a coup. Now all was not lost, for the wayward daughter had a few chips in her. They slipped them in from time to time to see if she had any 'witchy' things worth observing. She never knew a thing. You've heard of alien abductions? Well these were 'abductions' by a fat, old man and his black suited minions. And since she had them deep within her at the time of her vampiric creation, they were integral to her whole and the body would not reject them. So although she was no longer 'home,' those by the hearth knew every move she made. For the time being, they were content to watch. Papa lead his band out to freedom too. The people at the complex even made a little reception for them. Aroma candles all around, decorations, the mermaid hag played songs on her harp (they had it in her chamber). Some in attendance even shed tears. Franklin shook hands all around, telling each they had a friend in the Bureau. And then they left, snaking through the wee, small hours, heading back toward the museum. Zeke didn't know what he was going to do with them all. He and the other three 'familiar' night guards quickly cleared out a couple more basement storage rooms and let 'em all bed down. It's not like this would be for long. They still had treasure. They still had accounts and money. God knows the old familiars were still there, just waiting to spring into action. Papa probably had a polished-up, sharp-tongued, real estate  woman already out there lookin' for some kinda joint. But that was then. This was now. Sarah was eager to get back with her vampire hubby. She did sense that something was going on. But, she put it out of her mind. It was heart warming to see the young ones. The cherubs flew throughout the galleries of the museum looking at this and that, transfixed by the strange exhibits and diaramas. The guards smiled and chuckled just watching them. Older ones, the elves, I mean, stayed together, holding hands and whispering into each others' beautiful ears. All were safe. All were free. Peace reigned in the vampiric world of Philadelphia, as Jonathon and his concubine made plans to join the rest.......

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