Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jonathon and the doctorix walked through the vast, underground compound. They checked in on the mermaid hag and gave a look to the rest of the unusual specimens. The Bigfoot and Jersey Devil creatures were sleeping. How cute the first one seemed all cuddled up in his sylvan, glass-walled habitat. Look, he's got a half eaten pigeon hanging out of his mouth, the hungry little guy. The doctorix checked the temperature, turned it up a degree and they left, heading back to their plush chamber in Franklin's quarters. Soon they were snuggly nestled in the big, four poster bed. Was it nighttime outside? Well yes, actually it was. But this place had to exterior windows, so que sera, sera. Jonathon/Tomas had fed a 'night' or two before and felt quite comfortable. They gave him some manic hate-monger from the larder. I think he was also a wife-beater. I forget what his specialty was. But Jon/Tomas relished the feast. His sweetie-pie watched. This might have been the second time he'd eaten since he'd been there. That, I do not know. Yet I can tell you this. When he was done, she went over to him. She embraced him. And quick as a wink, she licked the bloody residue from his lips. Hr did not like that. He did not like where this was going and he pushed her away. But the doctorix was determined. She would be the first 'home-grown' vampire in Franklin's employ. Oh, they had come across others. It was their blood which kept Franklin alive all this time. But she'd be the first one 'born' here. The guys in the black suits wanted it to happen too. Jonathon could feel that. So she kissed him and teased him in bed. And she did that little 'horsey-ride' thing she did. Well, this Andaluzian was not one to sit out interesting games. And he played them with the gusto his 'eightteen year old body' enjoyed. Later, when she whispered in his ear annd said - Give me a taste. Kiss me. Let me have it........He just flipped over and ignored her. How could he bring her over? How could he make another potential consort? How could he betray Sarah that way?.....If you were very quiet, you could hear the hum of the Great Armonica. Doctor Franklin often worked late. And he was making progress. Look, didn't he say he learned something from Baylah before. So Jon/Tomas had faith. He knew Sarah would be restored  to him. He knew the 'children' would be back. He knew it....But he also knew the other one 'sleepin' eleven inches away was not gonna give up her plans either. The two of them were so lost in their own vivid desires, they failed to 'hear' Papa sublimate into the room and artfully arrange himself in the big, wing chair..........

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