Monday, March 7, 2011


It is I, Zebulon. did you hear my words coming out of the Charlie Sheen mouth? You knew that 'tiger's blood' line was mine. I know you did. But I am back. I do not want that boy of the Pacific Coast to die. And besides, I grew tired of him. So I am here now, listening in, making things happen and talking threw the fingers of that wilkravitz person. Where are we? Oh, yes, we are in the underground, alchemy center of Doctor Franklin and the mysterious, black suited men. Jonathon/Tomas is there along with other, shall we say, petrified members of the family. That's where we are now, in a great chamber housing some kind of huge sound machine. The Great Armonica, they all call it. One of the little cherubs lies submerged in a cask of water. The old scientist activated the machinery. Jonathon/Tomas stands off to the side, with his arm around the young doctorix. They put on some type of sound buffers. Well, the humans do. My trim, 'young' Spanish life-eater doesn't need them. The gigantic crystal discs begin to spin and hum. Actually, the sound is quite nice, like an angels' chorus. Maybe not a top level angels' chorus (believe me, I have heard the best) yet still extremely pleasant. Barely visible rings of sounnd spread out in all directions. The water (if it is water) starts to vibrate. Then it changes color, still transparent, but with a dazzling, opalescent hue. The doctor carefully goes over and looks down into the cask. He drops in a few pellets. The others draw near too. They all wait. The cherub changes. It's gray, rough, concrete-like surface slowly returns to a more 'human' appearance. The eyes open. Jonathon/Tomas gasps. They can see the green color of the eyes. They tiny lips smile. A chubby arm reaches up to them. Jonathon/Tomas wipes a tear from his eye. It's working. It's working. ....And then it stops. The machine slowly winds down. The 'air' returns to normal. And the little one in the water filled cask returns to stone. The doctorix leaned into Jonathon/Tomas and cried. Doctor Franklin said - That was close. That was close........Some attendants came in and carted the little cherub away. Our vampire and his doctorix wandered off to feed the old mermaid, the sea hag, as they called her. This time she got a bucket of squid. She liked squid. Maybe it was the raw slimy texture, but she loved it. Sucked it right down like spaghetti. The two lovey-doveys stripped off their clothes and dove in with her. The water was kept fairly sterile, so the human did not have any problem. The vampire did not have to worry about anything. Jonathon/Tomas liked to swim in pools. His wealthy uncle had one back in Old Granada. I think there was one in the Seville house as well. So he and his pleasure friend traced lazy paths through the water. The sea hag smiled and clapped her hands. Then she started swimming around them, herding them ever closer together, until they touched. That's all it took. They retreated to the shallows and began exploring each others bodies. Their 'hostess' sucked up the last of the squid before slipping into a secluded, underwater, fiberglass lair. She watched them make love. She watched them do it. And she londed for the company of others of her kind. .......... They sat on the edge of the pool when they were satisfied. They kissed. They caressed. It was warm in there, so they waited for the moisture to drip from their bodies. The doctorix spoke. But Jonathon/Tomas knew what she'd say. She wanted the blood. She hungered for it.....And he was losing the strength to say no. How long would this go on? Was she sincere, or were others pushing her toward this decision?......They did want more vampires around here. And what could be better than a domestic one, a controlible one, one of their own?.........What would Sarah think?.......Could he do it? Should he do it?.....How would he handle a harem?

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