Tuesday, March 15, 2011


this is not one of the real posts. they do not let me touch this thing. I tell them I will not break it. But those shit heads will not listen. wilkravitz is out eatin his pizza. And Zeke, the museum guard is moppin up pigeon shit from the marble floors. (I let them in through this little window I found). But I have been acting gooder. I do not know if it is because I want to be or if I'm just afraid Papa is gonna go POW, RIGHT TO THE SUN! again. I do not like that place. It makes me shit myself. Only I can't shit myself. Do you know I am going to be seven years old soon? Maybe they will make me a party. I could use some new Barbie dolls, 'cause my old ones have a bad habit of getting their heads stuffed down the toilet. We got a lot a toilets at this museum. Some of them aint been stuffed up yet. But I try to do my best. Papa is happy cause I aint bit tooes ooff any sleepin people in a long time. Zekes says its on account a him teachin me to smoke cigarettes. Papa did not like that at first. But Zeke said - What the hell do you care? It aint like she's gonna get cancer. Papa laughed. He said that I already got a bad disease...vampirism....But I dont feel sick or nothing. And I like the part about being able to go pffftt!! and pass through shit. Papa calls it sublamating. At first it scared me. But no more. I like going pfftt!! into the Kids Gap and boostin these really cute tops they got..  Some old bitch started chasing me once. but I turnned and cat hissed at her just as I went ppffftt!! through the wall and she peed herself. I like to make old bitches pee themself. That's one of the funner parts to bein a vampire. they got a lot a fun parts. I will tell you about some. But I cannot do that now, cause that wilkravitz son-of-a-bitch is comin back. I can smell the perreronis in his teeth. So lemme get out a here before he gets mad and I get in trouble with Papa...Besides. I got a few old Barbies I have ta wrap up in toilet paper so I can stick em in with the mummies. ( I leave the heads all naked). People comin through here laugh when they see that.  Zeke say I gonna give him anutter hearty tack.....Oh, oh, oh...he comin...

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