Sunday, March 6, 2011


We sat in  our quarters under the museum, Papa in his big, leather chair, Annie, down on the rug playing with her hercules beetles and Me at the desk taking it all down. Papa was thinking. He wanted to assault the Anti-Enchantment-Bureau under the former shipyard. But he did not want to stage any elaborate stunts. No more 'miracles.' If  he's learned anything over the ages, it is anonimity. Keep a low profile. Sure it was all right to claim center stage during the 'shaman' era. But nobody worshipped vampires anynore. They actually did not worship them back in Bedrock either. All they wanted was a middleman, somebody to carry prayers up to the spirits and pull down the occasional miracle or two. Well, maybe the vampires have simply been replaced by other practioners? But I do not judge. I can see what he sees. Not that I possess any special abilities. He just wants me too. It's like he needs  someone to talk to, someone to bounce things around with. And this twenty eight thousand year old being is bouncing things around with me, wilkravitz. And I don't even un derstand the workings of the Star ship Enterprize and that's the fictional Star ship Enterprize. He means to form a family. I know that. He wants Jonathon back, only he prefers to call him Tomas. Who cares. Sarah and the others? They'll probably be rejuvenated too. I think Annie is a little nervous though. He doesn't like her. She's bad. She's a real bad seed. And he wants to head a 'good' family. You know what that means. It's how Jonathon/Tomas ran things when they only 'culled' the evil doers and all that. So that part will be the same, only there's gonna be a new sherriff in town. You think Jonathon/Tomas would mind? I don't. He doesn't care about that stuff. Sarah is too new to understand much about it. And the elves and cherubs  exist in a universe free of such hierarchies......So, we'll see...... Meanwhile, Jonathon has become quite close to the one he calls 'the doctorix.' They live with each other. Doctor Franklin is the big daddy and they're his married children. OK, so the son-in-law is a bit exotic, but the old man likes that kind of stuff. You should see them leaning over the rail at the mermaid's pool, feeding her chunks of herring, watching her chortle with delight as she slurps them down. Then sometimes they sneak in to the Big Room and play with The Great Armonica. Franklin knows. I guess he figures there's only so much they can do with what they know. And he aint giving away any of the big secrets. So they bring back a little, chicken-like dinosaur. It's not as if the machine hasn't done that before. And one time they conjured up Marie Antoinette's severed head (about 1.2 seconds after the fatal cut). She even winked at 'em a couple times. When the old man found out he threw her into the wood chipper, the former queen, I mean. That must have been hard on him, 'cause they were buddies back in the day......I think the doctorix is thinkin 'bout 'jumpin over.' She got the vampire heebie-geebies real bad. And she willing to do all these little special tricks for him. Fancy stuff, real tickly stuff she picked up when she was studying over seas. He knows. But he don't want to do it. What would Sarah say IF they get her back. Look, as far as he knows, it is not a sure thing.....But to Papa it is.......Oh, we shall see...We shall see...I gotta go. Papa wants me to pick him up some magazines. You can imagine what he likes, classy porn and world affairs....A regular Bill Clinton he is......See ya later.

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