Sunday, March 13, 2011


As I told you on the twitter device, I am speaking to you tonight. Do I tap this out onto the machine? No. wilkravitz is doing that. I drift into his mind. So here I am, sitting in a rather comfortable chair, watching Tomas (remember, I always called him that) lie  in bed with his currently human pillow partner. She is a pretty little thing. I like the cast of her features, delicate without being severe. Her skin is nice too. Should I do it? Should I join this intimate get-together? Well, it seems I already am. Now I stand. Now I remove my clothing and place it carefully over the chair. I slowly pull down the sheet (ah, how sweet she is) and carefully climb in. Then I pull it back up. The three of us are covered. I snuggle up against her, with my face by her neck. I breathe in her perfume. She senses my exhalation. Her nose twitches. How cute. Now I can do it. I can take her. I can transform her. It will be neat. No blood will spill. Whoever changes these sheets will find nothing amiss. But should I do it? Should I take that task away from him. For I do feel that eventually he will do it. And she will join us in whatever domicile our family inhabits. So the homesick Andalusian, who often speaks of  his uncle's harem, finally starts one of his own. How smooth her back is. How perfect...all of it, down to the shapely legs. I hear the strange notes of the Great Armonica, like a chord eminating from the cosmos. Sarah and the children will awaken soon. I am sure of that too. It will be good to have the elves and cherubs back. I am truly sorry for what I did to them.....Could I go in there and return them with the power of my own mind? Perhaps.....Of course....But I will not spoil Doctor Franklin's fun. He is a wonderful alchemist, no I mean, no, no, scientist, scientist. I must become used to the popular terms. I must become used to so many things. Just because I've controlled a motor car and ape modern clothing doesn't mean I fathom all their ways. But I will learn. Shhhh, she feels my presence. She presses against me. She finds security. I will not harm her. I will not harm him. I will not harm any of them, even those comical Pineys and others they've come to love. Even 'Little Bastard Annie.' Who knows, maybe the elves will civilize her?...........Let me listen to the sleep-breath of my Tomas. For is also dear to me as well....

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