Monday, March 14, 2011


Papa left the bed. none would know he'd been there. Jon/Tomas did detect a bit of a scent, but chalked it up to imagination. We all do that. We see things, or hear's just our imagination. Yeah, right. Papa left the boudoir, but he remained within the complex, sublimating here and there. Learning things. There was a heated discussion between Doctor Franklin and a few of the other scientists. He wanted to shut down the Great Armonica. He said it wasn't safe and blamed it for 'amplifying' events in Japan. True, experiments pin-pointed certain harmonic hot spots. Yet no one else believed the rather baroque looking device capable of such a thing. But the Doctor knew differently. He felt the truth of it, even though he could not make them u nderstand. Oh, the conversations he used to have with Buckminster Fuller, the plans to reinvent the world. And the weekend  visits of Arthur C. Clarke were quite special too, for they involved not just the reinvention of Earth, but of other worlds as well. Papa smiled. How naive they were. How similar to their philosopher brethren in Atlantis and Lemuria. They'd experimented with 'gross' (extremely large and strong) harmonics too. Learned a lot, when you added it all up. Though they failed to control it. And the 'music of the spheres' did them dirty. You do not believe me? Then ask a Lemurian. Ask an Atlantean. Where are they? No, face the facts. Where are they?...Well, now you know. Oh, a few did manage to get out in time. And maybe they did influence cultures elsewhere on the globe. But that's not the same as surviving as a living entity. Did you ever hear of anybody studying Atlaynu in college? Do you get my point? It's a shame. The cuisine was truly flavorful.......I hate to say it, but the wispy haired old man was onto something. How can they ignore it? Imagination? Hardly....The central island of Honshu slid eight feet to the east. Not millimeters, as often happens after great quakes, but feet, EIGHT OF THEM. Do you know how close to the brink we were? Do you want to know?......Maybe science can't bring back the petrified life-eaters. Maybe it's too risky....But that doesn't mean Papa can't do it. He has other means. At first the Doctor envisioned a web-like conjunction involving his machinery in tandem with the powers of Papa and Baylah. Well, maybe the vampiric powers would be enough? Maybe they would have to be? Papa hovered (still in a state of sublimation) behind Doctor Franklin. He bent low and whispered in his ear. He said - Help is here. Stand your ground. Renounce the crystals (for now anyway) and their sound.....The venerable scientist slowly nodded. Where  did he think the words came from? I don't know. But he knew he'd heard them. And he understood that imagination had nothing to do with it.....Papa floated into Baylah's chamber. She slept, entangled in the invisible, magnetic web. He tickled her and he kissed her. She squirmed. Her eyes opened. She felt him. She felt every part of him. Baylah was sensative that way. He touched her mind. He said - Come with me. Then he moved his arms in the seemingly empty space around her and she was free. At first she started to fall. But he scooped her up. His energy travelled into her, as they drifted off to find the others. And somewhere in another room, Sarah saw a vision in her dream. The endless, gun-metal horizon was no longer empty. Two figures, tiny in the distance, were walking towards her. One was familiar. One was someone she knew. The other being was new. The other being was Papa. Then she heard 'laughter' and turned to see the elves and cherubs flitting about behind her...........A bit later, the young doctorix woke up to go pee. She saw Papa's clothing carefully folded over the chair. But she was half asleep and let the image pass...........Thus speaks Zebulon.....You heard these words from me.........

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