Friday, March 18, 2011


Everything went as planned. The higher ups at the Bureau wanted their own home grown vampire and they were about to get one. Jonathon and the young doctorix made love, human love (as vampires are still quite capable of doing), plus the more esoteric, life-eater version. He opened her neck. She moaned. His breath pleasured her. She contorted her throat and arched her back. It was a reflex. And he went in deeper. He could taste her salt and drew out the fluid in great, rich draughts. Her eyelids fluttered. She grabbed his hips and held on tight. And then she felt the cold, dark shiver of oblivion. Her life force, her blood, was within him. And he raked his nails across his own throat  and prepared her to take it back. The blood welled up. He raised her head. Her lips found the cut and she began to swallow. Was this blood? Was it sommething  different? Even the scientists of the Bureau didn't know. And old ones like Papa didn't care. But the circle was complete and she was quickened into a state of being both miraculous and dark. Suddenly it was over. She had the 'gift.' It was within her. She exhaled and relaxed. They went back to the more traditional form of love-making. And all the while, the men from the Bureau watched it all upon their screen.........While in another seclued enclosure, Papa allowed the cherubs to approach him. They fluttered about his body like moths. He held out his arms. He smiled. It tickled, as their tiny, sharp-tipped tongues broke the skin and lapped up tiny drinks. This is how they bond with one another. 'Through the blood, ye shall know them,'is an old vampire proverb. And it is also quite true. The four beautiful elves approached him too. And he hugged each to his chest in their turn, allowing them to draw off a bit of his essence. Baylah stood off to the side softly clapping her hands and singing some sort of hymn. Sarah just leaned against a wall and watched.  And Doctor Franklin, who went back into the chamber to be with them, made circles with his little scooter, as he chuckled and joined Baylah in her song. Papa even motioned to him and called him over. The threehundred and four year old conumdrum pointed to his sweatsuit covered chest and said - Me?.....Papa nodded. Franklin got  off that scooter real fast and did his best old man hobble dance over there. What Luck! He never even hoped  for anything like this. Then the twentyeight thousand year old, sleek, salt and pepper haired gentleman lifted him off his feet, and placed his puckered lips against one of the recent cherub wounds, so he could suck off the last few drops. The whispy haired old wizard chortled with delight.. It seemed everyone within the complex was engaged in rather unusual activities. The mermaid hag in her tank, sang songs to charm the whales (if there were whales). Feral creatures, such as the resident Big-Foot and Jersey Devil, howled at the unseen moon. Tomorrow night would be the young doctorix' First Night (this one did not count for she did not awaken to it in the vampire state). And a special one it would be. The full moon will make its closest approach to Earth in decades. It will appear to be very much larger. The silvery light will splash down like magic. And it is magic. Creatures of the deep will feel it. Land dwellers, such as yourselves will sense something too..In far off Persia, this is the time of The New Year...Well, perhaps those noble poets are right. Expect changes, for the midnight world will assume a new form. And the magic will fill yet another vessel. Maybe she'll tell us her name?......

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