Tuesday, March 15, 2011


What is that date the pagans make so much of? Oh, yes, I remember, the twentyfirst day of the last month of a year labeled twothousand and twelve. What a joke. All to end before anything  truly worthwhile is even realized. The babbling of carnival tricksters. If I was wont to share the truth with you (and maybe I am) I would tell you that change is coming, but end? No. Look to the life-eaters. Look to the true and noble (what an affectation that other spelling was) life-eaters. They will clear the path. They will devour the wicked. That is their purpose. And it has been sinnce The Beginning of the Chain. May no man know its source. Imagine, a world without hate mongers. A world without murderers. A world without hunger...of any kind.......The one we have all come to call 'Papa' is not perfect. Yet he is the vessel. It all comes forth from  him. Who knows? Maybe he will grow into the role......The Petrified One is made free. The one named for Sarah regains her true skin. Her eyes once more open to the world. Her soul, clear and Blessed. Yet at the same time, other interests gnaw through other walls. And a riival will be born..... Jonathon/Tomas is alert now. He sees the clothes. He sees the raiment of the one called Papa. And he makes a decision. He will do this thing. The Burden will be divided. A new helpmate will be born. He takes her in his arms. She smiles.... He kisses her. He says - Tell me your name......He whispers - I do not know your name.......He feels her heat. He feels her breath. He tastes her very life.... But all she gives him is a smile.......... Chose sides, my children. chose well. For all of you will figure in the outsome..................

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