Friday, April 1, 2011


A few nights after the death of the cherub known as Little Mary French, Papa/Jimmy called everybody together in the warm, safe den. There was a fire on the hearth, filling the space with a rich, warm, woodsy fragrance. You know how the vampires feel about scents. Papa sat on the floor near the flames. And he called the little ones to gather 'round him. I believe there were about four or five of them. The elves sat just beyond, leaning against the front of a sofa, in their quiet, reserved, though all seeing manner. Adult vampires occupied the big, club chairs casually placed around the room. The humans among them sat in the kitchen playing cards. But they could hear, for only a breakfast bar divided the two spaces.

And then Papa spoke. He smiled at the little ones and said - Now, let us discover your names. You have gone unlabeled too long. EDITH!!.....She put down her cards and quickstepped into the den.....What, sir? - she said........What do you feel? What itches your brain? What do you think we should call them?- Papa demanded....The human Piney woman took a few heartbeats to catch her breath. He motioned for her to take a seat on a low ottoman in the midst of the cherubs, who contentedly played with their dolls and toys. She huffed and puffed and lowered herself down onto the tuffet. Then she looked and studied and thought.......Well? - asked Papa..........I'm not sure, but I'm gettin' something, - answered the seer. I think the little one, the girl in the pale green outfit is Dutch. No, I'm sure of it. She's Dutch and her name is Margaret...Yeah, she's Margaret.....Papa yelled out - MARGARET!....And wilkravitz typed it into the computer. They went on to the next one, a chubby boy. And he became Lawrence. Though they actually wound up calling him Laurie, in the archaic, English manner. Another  boy became Louis (pronounced loo-wee). The red-headed babbling one they named Michele. And the last boy was called David. Five rosy cheeked, adorable toddlers. Eternally innocent children, but with a some special gifts. They would never die, at least not naturally. And under most circumstances they could fly......Oh, yes, and they were vampires. Remember that part too. They were vampires.

Papa hugged them and kissed them. wilkravitz made sure everything was properly inscribed into the computer. He even made a traditional copy on the creamy, new fly-leaf of a recently purchased Bible. What denomination, I do not know. But isn't that a little bit beside the point? The quietly dignified elves, who had names, nodded in acceptance. So it was done. The little ones had identities. They were 'inscribed' and so anonymous vagabonds no more. Papa clapped his hands. Luna and Sarah passed lit aroma candles to the adult life-eaters. Baylah gave some to the pre-pubescent elves as well. The humans made do with a cinnamon, raisin babka (a Russian style coffee cake) and fresh mugs of hot tea. Such a cozy scene. A family together. Each lovingly named child received a carefully wrapped toy, which they proceeded to immediately tear open. When the festivities died down, after the kissing and hugging and singing, Jonathon stepped forward to say a prayer for the peaceful repose of the murdered one, for little Mary French.

Now most of you would never suppose vampires capable of such an inner life. Most of you understand them to be drooling monsters or posing catalog models. But that's what they want you to believe. Not the vampires, other people, they who seek to control the hearts and minds of humanity. Today, Papa will have quite vivid dreams, recollections of times long gone. Shhh, stay quiet. Allow me to wander through your mind. And Zebulon will see that you are made privy to the secrets floating there too...........

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