Sunday, April 10, 2011


The vampires and I just want to set the record straight. There are no werewolves. At least not in the way popular culture envisions them. Human genetic material cannot instantly, or almost instantly, transform into canine genetic material. Indeed, even if it could, that just means that any cellular growth from THAT POINT ON would be in the other direction.'re an Airedale.....No, not likely. But, there is a very real source for those stories. The vampiric burden has existed for ages. Papa is twentyeight thousand years old. Oh, he is extremely times....But the power is not constant. It waxes and wanes and he cannot control it. Who 'made' Papa? An even older one called Renate did that. She's his senior by at least ten thousand years, maybe more. And according to those familiar with her (yes, she is still around) she often spoke of an earlier breed. You see, that variety known as Neanderthal, was human too. Different, but human. And it is believed that the enchanted burden rained down on the planet sometime during their era. Imagine what a Neanderthal vampire might have looked like. Severe bone structure. Somewhat muzzle-like nose. Receeding chin. Strong jaw muscles. Heavy brow ridge. Naturally large teeth to begin with. Robust, claw-like nail growth. Solid build, Heavy facial hair.....Get the picture?...There you have it....A werewolf......But he (or she) is always a werewolf. The full moon has nothing to do with it. Maybe they're yetis, or sasquatch, or bigfoot, or your Uncle Bo-Bo. But that's what they are. Now some believe isolated, remnant bands of Neanderthals still exist deep within the forests of Siberia, not to mention certain pockets in the Himalayas. Maybe they harbor a werewolf or two? Maybe the wolf-like howl still tears through the frosty, midnight air. But team Jacob has nothing to do with it. Enjoy that fable if you like, for I have just told you the truth.......I am Charles, one of the Red Paint guys. My people know a lot........

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