Saturday, April 2, 2011


This is Zebulon. I am not helping any of those selfish others (both enchanted and not so enchanted) right now. But I was just wafting through the akoshic records and came across somethings you might like to know. Oh, I did know them. But I had forgotten these juicy, little tidbits. So lets go.

Humans are not the first time intelligent life has appeared on this world. It happened during the age of the egg-laying ones, the reptiles. True, they were not the scaled creatures you know. These fantastical beings had feathers, fabulous coats of many colors. Some were short and rather like penguins or what we see on horses (yes, that's not feathers, but you get the idea). Others trailed flamboyant trains of opalescent beauty. Did you see that dancing picture show about life on a world called Pandora? Well, this was a lot like that.

Now certain residents of this biosphere, were neatly made creatures. They walked on two legs. They had hands. And their brains were 96% the size of yours. But when we take into consideration the fact that they only stood five feet tall, that's no mean feat indeed. What were their faces like? Look to the ostrich, but with a shorter bill and a rounder cranium. Fossils have been discovered. And they appear to bear the imprint of tools and weapons. Some feel they had a culture roughly equivalent to woodland tribes in what was to become the Eastern United States, circa 1700 C.E.. Quite an accomplishment, farms, sturdy woodframed dwellings, pottery, pictographic writing, yada, yada, yada, lots of neat toys and everything. What happened to them? We  don't know? Did that pesky asteroid kill them? Probably not. Other creatures their size made it through. It could have been an illness of some kind. Perhaps they suffered from a genetic bottleneck. You know...too inbred....a prehistoric, reptilian form of Deliverence....Ach! They run that film in the akoshic records all the time. Zebulon loves it.....There was a book that appeared a few of your years ago, called Evolution. No, not the one by Darwin. This was penned by someone else. I will have to float through certain akoshic galleries and find out. But in it the author hinted at such things, though couched as fiction. Rather like our VAMPIREWONDERLAND saga. I don't know what happened to that wordsmith. I don't know. But the next time you look a chameleon in the eyes, think about what might have been........

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