Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Jonathon was already awake. It was natural to him. He felt the waning of the light. He knew it was time. Sarah still slumbered. She nestled close. He protected her. Brother Elias entered the supply house. Jonathon heard his footsteps, as he trod the old, uneven boards. Then the monk knelt and rapped on the trapdoor. It's safe now. It's dark. I will let  you out, - he said.  Sarah heard him. She stretched and yawned. So many things about vampires are still quite human.

They sat at the worn table in the monk's quarters occupying the adjacent small structure. A tiny flame danced in the neat, little fireplace. Their host said his grace, before politely beginning his evening meal. The two vampires watched silently, as he ate  the simple stew. Jonathon smoked a pipe prepared by the monk. The tobacco was smooth and fine. Sarah said - I did not know that vampires could smoke. That surprizes me.......Her mate said - Why not? We don't consume it. The smoke, I mean.......Then he said something in Vahmpeerigo and the monk laughed......So, you understand our dialect? - asked the Spanish life-eater......Brother Elias said - A bit. I have met others of your kind.........How? When? Where? - said Jonathon.........Back before I came up here. Not 'here.' This is just a hermitage. The main monastery, I mean - said the monk. Before then, I lived in Rome...........Rome?? - noted Jonathon. And what were your duties, if I may ask?.........Brother Elias sighed. He knew the capabilities of these creatures. Lying woulld be impossible. So he told the truth.....I worked with a, a vampire, - he said. Excuse me. I know some of you don't like that word, but......... No, please. Don't worry. It's all right with us, - said Jonathon. You were telling of your duties. Please go on.......So the monk told them . He told them everything. And Jonathon knew that their host was one of Papa's captors. Sarah picked up on it too....But they said nothing and the monk lapsed into silence.

How is it the noxious ones leave you alone? - asked Sarah......Brother Elias shrugged and said he did not know. Perhaps it was the prayers, or maybe their primitive superstitions. You know these are the types told about in old Wallachian folktales. Dracula's cousins and all that. Who could tell what they believed? The nobles don't even know how their minds work. They discussed the killings. Brother Elias said the local authorities  did all they could to keep tourists out of certain remote areas, but there were always risk takers It happened before...and would probably happen again.........Then he looked square into Jonathon's eyes and said - Please, don't try anything. Don't attract attention. I know this is the twenntyfirst century, but please. I mean look at those poor alien creatures your present nation holds captive in New Mexico. You think only the noxious ones are stupid? It's not as simple as that. Most humans are just as bad. I don't know if I even believe half the things my creed teaches. Maybe in  a century or two, God willing, the world'll be ready for the truth. But most of them would rather have the middle ages now.............After a few heartbeats Jonathon said - I was there the night your people captured that vampire........Really? I didn't think you were that old. - said the monk. And if I might ask, how were you two connected?.................He was my 'father.' Not my human progenitor, but my 'life-eater' one..........

The monk nodded, but said nothing. Sarah took his empty bowl and washed it under the old fashioned pump. Then she stopped and looked up, recognizing the sound of 'cherubs' scampering across the roof.......

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