Saturday, July 16, 2011


We do not have much time. :Please do not look for spelling errors and the like. As you know, this is channeled via disembodied spirits and it is extremely difficult for disembodied spirits to comprehend the importance of accurate spelling and punctuation, since they exist in a telepathic environment.

I am not Zebulon. He is currently hovering about in some seashore town known as Margate, New Jersey. I am not Johannon. That one is floating over a fortyeight foot party boat docked near the southern Israeli pleasure dome of Elat. (did I spell that correctly?). I do not even remember my name. I have been dead too long. use the word 'dead.' But that is not truly what we are. Granted, we shed the mortal coil, much as a butterfly sheds its chrysalis. We go on to greater things.

Enough about me. You came here to learn of Jonathon, the French chevalier (it is their word for knight) and the mysterious old man (he too is a vampire). The old man has not been a vampire very long. Unfortunately, he was transformed quite late in his conventional lifetime, so he remains locked in a worn looking body, though infused with the strength of a life-eater. The 'event' happened in the German death camp of Auschwitz. He was one in a transport of five thousand Dutch Jews from Amsterdam. Upon arrival, young adults were permitted two or three extra months of life as slaves. Old people and children were immediately slaughtered. But fate stepped in to 'save' this ancient gentleman. While waiting (naked, beaten, shorn, robbed, probed {molested would be more like it} and shivering) for his turn to cough up his lungs in an orange, bloody froth in the gas chambers, a cold efficient guard approached and yanked him out of line. Soon to be dead , trembling little children watched wide eyed as the warmly dressed soldier said---You! Come with me!....and kicked him in the ass, forcing him to run toward a cinderblock building forty yards away.......They did 'experiments'  in that place. Gestapo agents had uncovered a nest of vampires in Dresden. One was sent to Auschwitz, where he was compelled to cooperate in a series of cruel and bizarre charades. He had no choice. His children were still mortal and the monsters had them too. So that day, the vampire from Dresden, drained all the blood from a terrified, exposed old man, mixed it with his own and forced it back into the thin, dry, shriveled flesh.

Yet the 'night gift' settles differently upon each soul. And the old man became more than a mere vampire, for now he had the ability to transport himself (and others too) to other 'realms, to other times and to other realities. For his first 'trick,' he winked himself (plus the head of a doctor he grabbed just prior to departure) out of that cinderblock laboratory and through the ether to a street corner in Old Jerusalem. A pushcart vendor gave him some clothes. After all, what was the sudden appearance of a naked, old man carrying the severed head of a German Officer (military hat and all) in this city of miracles? And a vampire, especially a sympathetic one, was just another species of 'golem.'

Tonight that 'golem' would use his powers to take Jonathon and the French chevalier on a magical journey of their own.....

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