Tuesday, August 23, 2011


COULDNT POST MUCH TONIGHT. BAYLAH WON ONE OF HER POKER TOURNAMENTS! She bought me a Rolex Submariner (surgical steel, 'presidential'  bracelet) at this shop in the casino. She made 'vampire eyes' at him and we got a good price. MUCH BETTER THAN NEW SNEAKERS OR TRIPS TO THE ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFETS! I like the semi-precious, solid quartz crystal too. I think James Bond wears one just like it.....(who knows, maybe if we get enough hits,  she'll get me an aston-martin too!!??)

I told you this wasn't really fiction. We only pretend that it is to foil certain anti-life-eater organizations.

Will attempt to channel more of the goings on in Jerusalem tomorrow. But I think I saw a quick mention of the events in question on ANDERSON COOPER.

Please browse through our earlier posts (we have hundreds of them) in order to gain a feel for our material and a deeper understanding of the vampiric condition....THE REAL VAMPIRIC CONDITION.

Gee, I love the way this bulky timepiece sits on my wrist.....gotta go. Meeting people at the Point Diner in Somers Point (minutes from A.C.) for coffee and cake.......

Such is Life In The Downbeach........

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