Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BETTER KEEP YOUR TOESIES UNDER THE COVERS...LITTLE 'BASTID' ANNIE IS BACK...(and she seems to have forgotten about all those promises to be good)

I gotta spit this out fass. where am I? I do not know. it looks like a huge, going-on-forever wad a dark gray cotton candy. Sometimes I hear voices. There are other people stuck in here wiff me, but I don't know who they are. A few of them sing songs. Most just scream. One goes 'mommy-mommy-mommy-mommy' and never stops.

I think Doctor Franklin put me here. Maybe it was an accident. I think so. But let me tell you, if I ever get out of here, I'll never mess with his big, crystal, magic, music machine (the great armonica) again. Hope I did not break it. Hope they let me back in that place. The Anti-Enchantment-Bureau, I mean. It's really great, like chuckie cheese for a sorta kinda 'dead' little vampire girl. My birfday is comin' up. My magic birfday, I mean. This January I'm gonna be one years old. But if you look at me, you will think I'm like seven and a half. That's how many hoomin years I got. But vampire years are better. You can scare people. You can do 'magic.' Nobody goes crazy if you wanna collect dead cockroaches.....even if they're not dead....what difference does it make?

wilkravitz is typing this. I can smell him. He likes cheese steaks. I can smell him. It feels like I'm gonna get out of here. these little tingly tickle things are all over me...And no, they're NOT the cockroaches, cause most of them are still somewheres down below the cellar in the Chestnut Hill house.

you know, 'Papa' is the one who 'made' me. He's a little mean and crazy sometimes, but that's OK, 'cause he's 'magic' and magic people are that way. I am too. They say I did lots of shitty stuff. Oh well! YA YA YA! My fingers are in my ears. I ain't listenin'. I can't hear what you say! YA YA YA YA! And when I get outta here, I'm gonna sneak up while you're sleeping and bite your toes off! I know. I know. I know. They hate when I do that. And I stopped. I really did. But who cares? Go to hell. Drop dead. I can do what I want. You ain't the boss a me (wish I knew who was). ........

Ooooh, the tinglin' felling's comin' back. If I was still a little hoomin' girl, I'd hafta make a pee pee. And that cotton candy crap ain't so gray no more. There's like this brown color now...maybe a little bit a green too. My hands are comin' back! My hands are comin' back! I can see part a me again. Somebody's laffin'. Sounds like 'old man' style laffin'. I think it's Doctor Franklin. I'm comin' back! I'm comin' back! I'm comin' back!

Thank  you, God! Thank you, God! Thank you, God!

I wanna go somewheres. I wanna play wiff somebody. I wanna do things to other people's kids.

Better keep your toes all covered up tight. 'Cause, you know what I like to do, right?


I CAN SEE MY SHOESIES!!!   heh heh heh... heh heh heh... heh heh heh...

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