Saturday, September 3, 2011


this is the time of the year when the sadness slowly fades. three weeks from now is even better. I live for the months when the nights are longer than the days. christmas time is best. Frosty nights filled with cheerful darkness. if they only knew I was out there. you don't know my name and the beings responsible for this ongoing tale are not in the least familiar with me. I inhabit the black at the botton of cellar stairs. I creep through inky darkness.

they may have told you something of the noxious variety of life-eater, crazed, demented dead souls condemned to a never ending gnawing hunger. Well, maybe I'm like them. But during the few, fleeting instants when you see me, I appear quite normal.  No crazed eyes. No drooling gash. Just a regular male specimen..... a regular, extremely attractive male specimen. we lock eyes in a speeding subway car. you feel me in the shadows. you catch sight of my face, just inside the black, iron fence surrounding a cemetery.No one else is around.....No one else is ever around. Maybe you shouldn't have gone out alone. Maybe you really do know better. but the level of your intelligence doesn't mean crap anymore. 

will you cry when I grab you? perhaps. will you tremble and pee? I suppose. Will you be warm? Of course. And you'll be salty and yeasty and oh, so good. My teeth are sharp...very sharp. And you'll gasp, as I gently tear into the skin. two lovers locked in an embrace. that's all the stars will see, till I take you to a darkness even  rats don't know. peel away the garments. expose the possibilities. Bite into the flesh. Drink the life-blood in. Lick it from my lips. kiss you. kiss you. tickle with my tongue. taste you. taste you. pitty, she's so young

and then you will be gone. the urine on the concrete will be dry. flaky, greasy ashes tumble up into the sky and melt away. but your memory passes through me with the blood. and you see the night, forever, through my eyes. a prisoner, locked inside me. no one dies.

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