Monday, October 10, 2011


please blame me not for dispensing with the niceities of your roman alphabet. I know not which letters merit capitols and which do not.remember, I am but a callow young boy. it is I. it is zebulon. fevers in this holy city confound me. they frighten me. for here is where I died. they stoned me near this very spot. and nearby rest my bones. so if I see the passing story through half closed eyes, hate me not. it is the best this one can do.

the great philadelphia doctor. the one they call franklin, said something in an old vahmpeerigo language. I caught some of the words, for he spoke in an eastern dialect peppered with hebrew, aramaic (essentially a close sister tongue to hebrew) and koine (a simplified greek). Renate stepped right up to the screen. apparently there was some sort of picture transmiting device built into it. the vampire matriarch  and the equally ageless (though by other means) wizard conversed face to face. she turned, motioning for jonathon and lailah to join her. the three 'night folk' listened, as wispy haired doctor franklin explained it all to them. yet I'm sure they knew all along.

then men and women in white coats. like modern day levites (who also wore white) , came forward. they lead the vampires to wheeled beds arranged along the side of the expansive space. each one laid down. the 'almost levites' went to work, attaching them to clear, jelly-like tubes. a series of automatons were rolled in. they used these humming machines to draw blood from our life-eaters.

the injured ones, sarah and the young cousin, reclined on similar resting places. she looked so torn and broken. she babbled like a pathetic fool. her lidless eyes pleading for help. I could not see her legs, or what was left of them, since a white shroud covered that part of her body. the other one, the young cousin, just laid there. his benefactor, the great and powerful man of stories, the master of the magic, talking lantern, the great Moonves stared down from the screen. doctor franklin whispered something and a beautiful woman, quite like a princess of old cathay, came up to lead hgim away.  then the huge rectangle went dark, becoming nothing more than a black mirror reflecting the manic scene before us.

it was decided to siphon tiny droplets of the miraculous elixir into the young cousin in order to preserve his humanity. but sarah was given more. she received full measure. and her skin began to glow. the raw, ragged edges of  her lips and eyelids slowly cooled. and those stationed right by her cot saw new, thin membranes of skin advance across her visual orbs. a female levite peeked beneath the shroud, motioning for other functionaries to move forward. I hovered among them. I saw what they saw. there, sprouting from the still weeping stumps of her once beautiful legs were narrow white stalks. they slowly curled as they advanced from her flesh. and those in attendance smiled. the vampirina, sarah, would recover. her body would be whole once again.

a man came in. he went over to where the lady renate reclined and leaned forward breathing quiet phrases into her ear. she sat up. he disconnected all the strange tools of alchemy. others did the same to jonathon and lailah. moments later they were ushered into a small quiet chamber furnished with fine upholstery in the contemporary manner. aroma candles gave off an autumn-like glow. soft music (chamber music, I think it is called) drifted into the room from discreet, little appurtures. someone combed and brushed renate's lustrous, black hair. jonathon changed into fresh, cool clothes (vampires care little for modesty), though he turned away from lailah, since the weight of her former humanity still pressed down upon her. an old woman, perhaps someone she'd known before, sat down to comfort her.

the three life-drinkers looked at each other. would it work? would the dream come true? could they help bring peace? could they contribute toward the completion of creation? ..... 'Tikkun Olam'......complete the universe......ah yes.......I remember the term...............yet word was spreading.....people were talking about the boys....the young ones....the israeli and the ishmaeli.....some said they had the gift....some said they could heal .....and some had been healed.......

now the holy land holds many tales. some you have heard and some you have not.......this one is far from over.....................BELIEVE


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