Thursday, October 13, 2011


A metalic giant eagle was sent from the western shores of the New World to bring the media lord's cousin back home. It was decided he would be better served by his own physicians. Jonathon was in Sarah's room when they came in. The powerful cousin, the media lord, saw him and went in. He spoke. He said - It'll never work, you know........Jonathon looked up. He understood what the man meant........The one from the cityh of the angels went on ----- They're stubborn. I see that look on your face. I know. I know. I'm one too. We're stubborn. People just don't take hints. You gotta hit 'em over the head. Peace? You think they want peace? Yeah, they want peace. But you know what peace means to us? It means a cessation of violence. No more fighting. And whichever side is ahead, wants it even more. .....................So what are  you saying? - said Jonathon. What would you have us do?.................I don't know. Just do like you always do. Kill those unfit for life. Help the worthy live. Does it  surprize you that I know a line like that? What? You think we don't have vampires, excuse me, life-eaters,( I know you like that term better.) in L.A.?

Jonathon sighed and said - I suppose  you do. L.A. eats up lots of lives. (breaks down) But we just wanted it so God Damned much.

The media lord said - So whoever gets what they want in this world?.........Jonathon sniffed back tears and answered - You did...........The influencial human just nodded. He said - How much longer do you think you're gonna be here?.............I don't know - mumbled Jonathon.I don't know.................Well, when you do know, give me a call. I'll send the plane for you. My team knows how to handlle your kind. And it's gotta be better than riding those whales..................Jonathon smiled - You know about that?....................Sure - said the man from L.A.. Look, the 'magic of Hollywood' isn't just up there on the screen. Do you understand what I mean?.................................Jonathon didn't answer. He wanted his life back. He wanted the little brick townhouse in Philadelphia. He even missed the Old Woman who used to run the place for him.. What ever happened to her? But now he had Sarah. And he loved her. She loved him too. He knew that. The lab team said she was healing. They studied every tiny bit of progress. Even a team from the I.D.F. was there trying to figure how they could bottle this  enchanted ability for wounded soldiers and terror victims. They had dozens of shiny, little, glittering vials tucked away in special vaults. Considering how things work today, they'd probably have a synthetic equivilent in no time. Yet it isn't just the blood. There's more to it than that. And where questions of faith are concerned, Jonathon is a true believer.

So they packed up all the necessary chemicals and supplies, wheeled out the Young cousin and left. Jonathon saw them pass by in the hall. He mouthed a silent fare well. The mogul saluted. And that was it.

He kneeled down next to Sarah. Her face looked cool and calm. She was sleeping. Maybe they could have healed her sooner. He would have given more blood. Renate made an offer. But they decided differently. Doctor Franklin (and remember, he's been studying the vampirina, Luna) didn't want to see her 'hardened' into the vampire form so soon. Sarah's humanity was only a year in the past. She's fresh. She's a newborn. And a little humanity isn't necessarily a bad thing for a vampire to have.  Jonnathon agreed. He left it in their hands. He lifted her hand from off the sheet annd kissed it. Her eyelids (yes, she had them back now) fluttered. Then he tenderly tucked her in and left.

Renate met him out on the road. She spoke as they walked toward the Old City. We can't rush them. The humans, I mean. You know that now. You understand. To me it comes natural. I've lived among them since the beginning. I've tasted their essence for more than fourhundred centuries. If you want to comprehend their history, drink from me................You mean like Papa? - said our 'young' Andalucian.................Yes. That is why he sits quietly, back there in your city of brotherly love. He knows. True, he has his passions. He does the wrong thing at times. But a mother knows her son (she took his hand) and her grandson too...........So what do we do about the evil ones, the jinns and all the others? - he said................We fight them - she whispered.

As they progressed along what was once an old caravan route, an automobile passed them. The  windows were rolled down. A song poured out from the radio, or i Pod, or whatever it was. They recognized it,  The Ressurected John Lennon's new Anthem of Hope. Dylan and Islam contributed parts too. The Children's Holy Land Chorus (something new) sounded sweet in the background).

And Jonathon smiled and he began to whistle, as they trod along the ancient, desert road...

that line up above is supposed to be sand ripples along a desert horizon. sorry. don't have much of an FX budget. there's not much you can do with popsicle sticks and Elmer's Glue on a computer.

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