Friday, October 7, 2011


The evil jinns wanted to prolong the game. True, the tortured vampirina would not die. Still, they did not want her to retreat into insanity. So they managed to get down on the floor (remember, they were projecting the bodies of desiccated, crumbling corpses), where they bit and scratched the rats till they bled and ran away. Then each one grabbed an arm and they dragged her through the villa to the cellar stairs. One of them. I think it was the female, opened the thick, old cedar door. Still smelled fresh it did, after two hundred years. Well, you know those Ottomans only had the best. The other one pushed her moaning form to the brink mumbled a quick incantation and errupted into dry, wheezing laughter as she tumbled down the worn, stone steps. He could have just pushed her, but you know what a showy lot those jinns are.

Broke a few bones on the way down she did. Would they heal? I mean fast, like a vampire. Guess that depends on her diet. Too bad she's a 'noble'. Too bad she eats only once a month....Too bad. The two exotic demons streaked down the gray stone stairwell like characters in a Warner Bros. cartoon. One of 'em did a bit of fancy hand gestures . You know, like Endora used to do? And the rough stones used to seal in the young North American went poof and evaporated, just like that. So they rolled her ripped and oozing body into the niche and pressed her rat-chewed face against the Young Man's still living neck.The jinn-demons scrambled out, did a stylized fandango, peed on the floor (mostly dust) and brought back each and every evaporated brick till the niche was sealed once more. Then they put their shredded ears up to the wall and listened. .......Nothing happened. They snapped their cadaverous fingers (more like chopsticks clattering), freeing the Young North American from his solitary drab universe, sending his soul boucing right back into his body.........He groaned.........They giggled........His eyes opened......The demon-jinns, quite adept at remote viewing, saw it all. So they shook hands and scampered up out of the shadows, running out into the balmy evening to torment others. Needless to say, the desiccated, corpse-like bodies were quickly discarded.

The Young Noorth American woke up. He felt the clammy, incoherent more-than-human form pressed up against him. He touched the sticky fluid round her wounds. Sarah babbled . She brought her hands up to her ruined face and cried. She moaned and whispered - Help me. Please help me. He heard her, but his humman eyes saw nothing in the close. warm darkness. Though he knew that she was cold. Her breath had no heat in it. He ran his hands along her body in an attempt to 'see' her and retched when he found the raw, wet, bloody stumps......

But life-eaters have strong instincts. She smelled his thick, rich blood. Yes, yes, yes, we've told you many times. It isn't purely the blood that sustains them, but the 'cullin' of unworthy lives........... except when they need  to regenerate. The new flesh (and leg bones too) has to come from somewhere. Remember, this isn't Trueblood or Twilight here. We're talking about reality. So she rolled in close and began to nibble. Oh, his young, North American skin was so soft and supple. And the blood so pure and clean. He tried to pull away. She calmed him, shushing him as best she could with her raw, torn, rat-bitten lips. And so he was compliant. Would she kill him? Who knows? Maybe the jinns changed their minds? Maybe they wanted to see the vampiric creation of an innocent all along? What better way to defile this blessed night of Divine forgiveness and reconcilliation.

Now, please, ask me no more tonight. For I too have petitions to lay before my Lord. Disembodied spirits transgress too. And I do not want to slide down there again. Perhaps I can find Jonathon? He flickers between Heaven and Earth so readily now.... I don't know where to begin........ So GET AWAY.....Leave me alone........This unnamed Disembodied spirit has work to do.............


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