Thursday, October 20, 2011

TWO VAMPIRES SNUGGLING INTO EACH OTHER LIKE PUPPIES..........psst! check out the easy to use links down at the end of tonight's episode

Ah, the children of the night are all home once more. Zebulon is happy. My disembodied heart goes pippity pat. I float in and out of their sleeping chambers. Jonathon and Sarah settle into each other like puppies. Two naked golden retrievers. Personally, we prefered whipcord thin Royal Salukis when I was in the flesh. Two of them, we had, Bokar (morning) and Malika (queen). My father and uncles used to take them out into the desert to run down antelopes. Yes...antelopes are clean and pure. We were allowed to eat them. Nothing special, actually. Rather like goat meat. But since I was stoned to death by the time I was thirteen years old, my antelope suppers were few.

I think Jonathon is beginning to relax. It took a few hours, but his dreams are peaceful now. The girl, Sarah, always seems cool and collected to me. But what do I know. Jonathon's true identity eludes me. Is his story true? Is it a lie? Does it matter? I enjoy the flavor of his life, the elves lives too. And that is all that matters.  Work of his homecoming trickles out to the world. The nubile daughters of the Mole People know. So do certain other unusual individuals. The witch, that Edith, spews it out. She works her 'pow-wow' magic. She sings her silent songs. Perhaps you've heard them and never even knew it? How fortuitous that I should condense in a dear old place like Philadelphia., where magic floats like fish fry in the sea. Ah, I know! I'll visit the bear dens! The vampires sometimes sleep with them in the winter. Jonathon loves it. He holes up with the furry giants, snuggling in like an errant cub. And while his foster liter mates take suck the natural way, he draws nourishment through sharp, little bites and nips. Bear blood is so rich. Not as magical as human, yet delightful and earthy in it's own way. The huge, brown, cave bears are the best. Papa taught him that. Or am I wrong? It could be that he always knew it. Papa's only been here for less than a year. In the flesh, I mean. Before that we knew him as the 'spirit' of the 'Shaky Hand Man,' Annie's evil, night time friend.

How will they spend their second night? Killing? Walking? Observing? Torturing? Oh, the parameters of life-eater existence. Sometimes good...Sometimes bad.... Always naughty. Let me dart down into the pit. Zebulon wants  to tickle the bare, frightened slave girls. Do they know me? No. Can they see me? No..... But that does not mean they cannot feel my breath..... You've felt it, especially if you live in Philadelphia.....Come on. You know.....Tickle, tickle in the dark. Like a tiny, itchy spark...... I wander sometimes. I get curious...And I explore....... Call out to me.... I'll hear you.... I'll be there.......What would you expect? Zebulon has the heart  (and other organs) of a thirteen year old after all..... Any attempt at self control is pointless....... Disembodied, yes....... But oh how I remember!

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