Monday, November 28, 2011


Chrome is our browser and so far it is the most excellent one we've had. BUT they usually prevent us from posting 'clickable' links. However, this one is worth the effort ~~~~~~~~~~~     a visual, compelling site with lots of breaking media news and information....... check out the latest on upcoming film BYZANTIUM, up now.

LOOK FOR ADDITIONAL 'DATELINE' (gotta find a new grabber. think some TV guys already usin' that one...sorry, a little over anxious) posts coming soon highlighting other great sites and info.

Now scroll down one post for another worthy romp in the land of #VAMPIRES & #ALIENS

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Zack Oates said...

feel honord that you would use Calvin Trillian's name as even a semi-delusional type of my style of writing. If a thousand of my keystrokes equaled a spacebar of his, I would consider myself talented.

Glad the closet found you...hope to read you around!