Saturday, November 19, 2011


I saw it. I  touched it. My Armenian Cleric friend, Lailah's father, took me back there. We descended down into the Well of Souls, via a little known path dating to late Roman times. What does it look like? I cannot give you the words. Should I begin to speak, you would not hear them. They would be replaced with a prayer.

But I did not die..... According to accepted dogma, none but the First Priest to Zion (what non-believers call the High Priest) may hold the Relic of All Relics, the only earthly object wrought by The Hand of God. Perhaps I am dead and beyond such portals? The saintly cleric turned away from the Blessed Tablets. But I saw his features bathed in their golden light. And are we so very different, this minister of the Christian Faith .... the Muslim imam keeping watch up above.... and I a faithful Jew?  Was I not taught that 'the righteous of all groups shall share in The World to Come? Perception of The Divine Radiance is unique to every beholder. And we are all Sons of Abraham.

So I sit here with Sarah and the others awaiting the great demonstration. What will their contraption do? I have witnessed the like before. I saw the 'butterflies' in Philadelphia. I felt their fresh, clean wings. And I saw them retreat, back to their place within another realm.

Look at Sarah. She is so fine... so seemingly pure. Have we transgressed our holy purpose? Yes. You know that. You've seen our lurid revels twice before... maybe more. Yet I'd like to believe that they do not define us. Why was I not punished when I touched the stones? Why am I still here? I can't tell you. No one can.

We hear the speeches. We nod and applaud. We watch the films and see the carnage. Some cry softly. Most just stare in silence. Lailah is 'out there.' She is with them. Will they destroy her? I don't want to think about it. Jean-Michel sits two rows back. I turn and study him. So stoic. So strong. Still believing in the old knightly ways. He believes 'them'..... the enemy, I mean..... Well, I hope he's right.

The preliminaries are over. The rostrum is empty. A thin, small woman enters the glass booth.. The man in front of me begins to hiccup. His wife gives him a small candy. He stops. She puts her arm around him. How long does he have? How much can he endure? I can feel it. I can see it with my powers. A Peruvian vampire offered him some blood, but he refused.......

An amplified voice instructs us to don the headsets. We all comply. I put my arm around Sarah. She moves closer. I begin  to pray. Please let this work. Please help us win. Please keep us safe.. Remember, a vampire is but an altered human. Our 'hearts' are much the same......... And do you know what allows me to believe that? Our very existence. El Mundo Vampiriso, I mean. Forgive me, my ancient dialect, but I 'think' that way. Yet, if spiritual beings like us can exist, what greater wonders await? So those dispatched in lust are not gone. God has saved them and raised them up. Perhaps not into Heaven yet, but firm upon the road.

And then the late night sky turns purple, as a sea flows overhead. Great behemoths undulate through 'waves.' And tiny golden lights wink on and off.. I hear no noise, no bold, new chord. The headsets work quite well. All eyes turn up and are mesmerized by the sight...... Life from another dimension...... Perhaps they can see us? We stay like that for at least two hundred heartbeats. But then something happens. Random people throughout the crowd start to rise up. Others scream, attempting to pull them back. Legs kick. Shoes fall off Bodies flail, as the first ones to touch that 'other world' burst into flame and disappear.

The vibrations instantly stop. They were subliminal and low, but they were there... not sound... but more than sound. And the crowd panics as thirteen tumbling victims fall back down upon our heads. We can hear bones crack as bodies hit the chairs. Headsets are torn off and thrown everywhere. Nervous technicians race about to pick them up Hundreds stampede toward the barricades. Some stumble. A few are crushed. I take Sarah and we depart, as medics tend to the wounded. They have vials of our blood. They know what to do.

While only the stars shine up above. The other world is gone.............


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