Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Baylah came to stay with us in the Pines. She's been well for a while. And she tried joining the others in Jerusalem but what was she going to do there? They got enough 'special' people. So she sublimated all the way back home. Some vampires can do that. They travel by night, passing through the ether like a dream. People often mistake them for ghosts. Some blame 'floaters.' You've probably seen them. Don't worry about it. They hardly ever kill the innocent. Well, almost hardly ever.

The atmosphere here agrees with her. Remember, she was raised in the deserts of West Africa, so the damp, chill woods are quite novel. In her faith, water equals Paradise. The Pine Barrens are heaven to her. She dotes on the juveniles. She loves the elves and cherubs. Edith is teaching her how to knit and crochet. They're making warm, little outfits for the cherubs and thick, cozy sweaters for the elves.

We saw a young Jersey Devil in the woods last night. They never let you see the little ones. One of the Red Paint guys says that's because they look more human then. The long, horsey face doesn't show til after puberty. Oh, they still have hooves. They're still covered with fur from say like two or three inches below the navel down. Remember the fauns from Narnia? Mr. Numb-Nuts or whatever his name was? He could of been one of them. Except by his age the Devil kids already look horsey. Edith's husband threw it an apple. They like a sweet apple. Carrots too. I guess it's the horse-tongue taste buds they have. Edith says she's gonna make sweaters for the Devil kids too. But he didn't look cold. I don't think it bothers them. Not that the elves and cherubs can get sick. They're vampires. They don't get sick. But warm temperatures make 'em feel more comfy.

Them Alien Enemies still pullin' funny stuff. Not much, but they're still playin' around. Picked up a stadium full a hockey fans. No, not a stadium. You know. What do you call the places where they have basketball games and hockey games? Well, they grabbed one up in Minnesota or Manitoba or someplace. And set it down on Mars.Seems like they must have preserved the atmosphere during the trip. Some of the quantum guys say the folks inside probably never even felt nothing. Went in. Bought food. Sat down. Watched the game. And then BOOM. Some dope pushed open a door to leave and fell flat on his rapidly desiccating face. Can you imagine walkin' out onto the rust colored gravel fields of Mars? Lookin' up into the orange skies of Barsoom? Gasping for breath in a rarified atmosphere four times thinner than Everest? Only about eighty or ninety rushed out through the doors. Know how we know? The aliens set 'em down right by one a our little Wall-E probes. The cute, buzzy guy saw the whole thing. Two hundred and eighty heartbeats later, N.A.S.A. saw it too. It went up on the web automatically. Kids in school saw it. Half a them thought it was just a new, cool video game. The blood runnin' out the eyes graphics were a big hit. They clapped when bellies exploded.. Eighteen thousand people died. Experts claim some of 'em probably survived two days or so, if they were holed up deep inside, like in an air pocket or something. And according to estimates, at least a third of 'em were children.

Doctor Franklin's runnin' a series of experiments with the Great Armonica he's got here at home.Talks  to  guys in other places too. They wanna see if it's possible to 'flutter' the Earth (yes, the whole, entire planet) out of this stinkin' dimension and into another. Gotta be a more or less similar one, with a solar system like ours, but minus an Earth. You know we can't have two marbles spinning in the same channel. Mathematicians say it's entirely probable such places exist. So they're lookin'.  With computers, I mean.

The old patriot tools around on his little battery buggy. You know, what grannies and grampies ride? Hums 'When you Wish Upon A Star' all the time. The princes of the sea, the great whales, are singing a new song too. They think this thing's a done deal.

Meanwhile, some a them vampires over in Jerusalem are fixin' to face off with them 'Song' people. They didn't make all them special, stretchy X-Men-like body suits for nothing, you know. So it's time to go 'do or die' for God and species. Will it help? Depends on how many  a them 'frequency bastards' they got. Some mega-geeks think there's only a handful. But try fightin' a guy with a left hook as big as the sky.

This is Zebulon. You been talkin' to Zebulon, Ace Number One, Disembodied Spirit Deluxe. Am I afraid for humanity? Am I scared for the Earth? ...... Hell, no! I'm already dead!.......


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