Friday, November 25, 2011


Such things have happened before. Other worlds have perished. The 'Enemy' has played in other cornfields too. Imagine life on a benevolent orb, snuffed out. Imagine that place destroyed, pulverized to dust. Please know that there was an Earth1 before the Earth2 we live on today. It endured for perhaps a billion, or a billion and a half years. Rains fell. Oceans were born. Winds blew. Clouds set sail across the sky. And tiny vital forms took hold under water. They were living things. They ate. They bred. They swam. They spawned.

But one morn a stranger commandeered the heavens. A huge dark star fell out of hell and  tumbled toward the ground., expanding and swelling and eating up the sky. Gravitational forces scoured our baby world, rending it's skin and melting its bones. Seas boiled and mountains bled molten blood upon the plains.

And then, in the last moments, the sky disappeared, as the errant world came down and kissed the baby Earth, stealing its soul and erasing its past. This terrifying embrace went on for hours. Two giant flints, scraped against each other, igniting a flame that purified what was left.

Then the errant world-killer exploded. It's bleached, white bones danced up into the heavens, encircling our dead orb in a ghostly shroud that spun and swirled, giving  rise to The Moon. And a new Earth was born. And new rains poured down, filling the low places and bringing back the seas. Rarefied fluids merged together ushering a new age of fertility. Life came back. But it was different life. It was our life. And thus were humans born.

Was that an act of God? Was it all just a matter of chance? Or did a certain strain of 'creative' aliens do it? (Sigh), well, I am going to leave that choice up to you. But know this. The 'Song' Entities flickering about  our star system, vacillated for a while. Their natures can be fickle. Enchanted beings are like that. So the Oberon who led them changed his mind and let them know. Earth was doomed. Is it only that they required our territory for their own? No. Some may have thought so in the beginning. Cosmic gossip seemed to run that way. But rumors are often wrong. Our celestial family, our sun and all her children, threw off their galactic garden. A bit of pruning was in order.A snip here. An annihilation there. Gather ye rose buds while ye may, 'cause they ain't makin' roses no more.

Conditions on Earth remained livable.... for the time being. But a troubling dream began to trickle out into reality. For somewhere in another nearby dimension, the Earth never formed. A larger, massive water world filled our space. And it was a trivial matter for the 'Song' Entities to sing their arias and pierce the universal veil. Moisture from that other realm  bled into our skies, filling the days and nights with impenetrable mists. Warming solar rays failed to reach us now. The rapidly coalescing blanket bounced them back out into the void, as two hundred miles above our heads  a celestial sea was born. And  dark, green. storm tossed waves entombed us.

But I am stirring the time pot. True, the clock has been set, though the hours haven't all quite ticked by yet.

Thus speaks Zebulon. And I watch with the destructive delight of a thirteen year old boy.

Bovine masses milling about on the surface of humanity's one home did not notice much. They never do. But Doctor Franklin did...... And so did the vampires..... Their confrontation with the 'Entities' was pushed forward....
And the Pines grew colder. And the air grew damp..... Snow fell on demonstrators down in Tahir Square. And white flakes gilded the Western Wall as well.......


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