Friday, November 18, 2011


I know what might happen. I've seen it. I was there. Papa banished me in a fit. Do you remember that time? When he first escaped from his captors? When he first came to us? A snowy night in Chestnut Hill. The Addams Family we were. A collection of neurotic, well meaning vampires, making a 'life' among the comfortable, Pennsylvania gray stone manor houses of Chestnut Hill.. And then he came. And then it started. It was always him. It was always Papa. Do you know I can't even remember what his true name is? He may have told us once. He may have said it. But I don't care. And neither does he.

Jonathon calls me his 'vampirina.' That's what he whispers when we're alone. No one calls me Sarah anymore. Oh, when I meet others of our kind, he introduces me as Sarah. But they don't really use names. I wouldn't say it's true telepathy, not with most of them anyway. They can't pick up every word. They don't feel every thought. But vampires feel things..... and they know.

He's different now. Yes, I know about the danger. I'm not naive. It's just that we don't face it the same way. I try to survive. I try to burrow in and endure. He wants to destroy it. I suppose that comes from personal experience. They almost burned him in the Middle Ages. Not because he was a vampire. That came later. But because he was a Jew. He can't accommodate anymore. Jonathon says that doesn't stop anything. It just postpones.

So we're back here in Jerusalem, with a lot of other vampires and exotic beings. Excuse me for laughing. But it's like an X-MEN comic book. I was expecting romance and 'the music of the night'... shadows and fog... love in the dark.... Oh, we still have that. Jonathon and I, I mean. But it's compromised. It's truncated.

They're setting up one of those Great Armonicas somewhere around here. Doctor Franklin shipped it out. He sent the technicians too. Frequencies, it all depends on elusive frequencies. The huge crystal discs are actually beautiful, like monstrous lenses for gigantic opera glasses. The lightest touch draws forth the most haunting tones. We're out here to see one of the demonstrations. It's the real thing. They say it takes twelve people to 'play' it. The I.D.F. cordoned off an area in the desert. Oh, ranking members of The Palestinian Authority were invited too. For something this important, for something this size, they'd have to be.

Picture a thick, stainless-steel rod with maybe a four foot diameter. It must be at least a hundred feet long. They say they can make them up to four hundred feet long. Cranes suspend it from two huge, massive, oak supports. They look like part of a ten times life size medieval trebuche (am I spelling it right? like a catapult. you know what I mean.). The discs are brought out on huge platform trucks. It's very delicate, exacting work. Legions of specially trained technicians operate mammoth suction devices. They mist down the surface, attach the rubber cups and hoist it up. Each crystal disc has a hole in the middle and they have to go slow to get it over the rod. People carefully jockey the supports, one in front of each disc, one behind. They move one a bit. Then they inch up the other. It takes two to three days to assemble. When it's up, you see thirty six colossal crystal plates hung in size order. The largest on the left. The smallest on the right, ranging in diameter from more than forty feet to approximately ten feet. Smaller, steel supports are fit in at intervals to shore things up. Then they excavate a ditch in the sand running under the whole thing. Tanker trucks come in and fill it with a special liquid. I don't know what it is. Some of the vampires do, but I don't. When the discs rotate, they dip into that liquid to stay moist. They have to stay moist, or you don't get the correct sound. Big, huge misting machines keep the whole thing damp. An electro-magnetic force transmitted through the rod makes them spin. I think here in Jerusalem, it's a woman who 'plays' it. She sits in a glass control booth and operates a large console festooned with tiny lights.

Now they only had us out there after it was all set up. Vampires couldn't watch during the daylight anyway. But we saw a video back at the complex. That's how I know. Someone said there was a mishap in England. Apparently they assembled one there too. I don't know exactly how many there are. Dozens, I think. But to hear it in operation, they make you wear these heavy, rubber headsets. Well, the operators in England didn't have enough headsets. Fights started. People refused to leave. Threats were made. The press was there. They had to go on with it. And it worked perfectly. A sound-generated force field of sorts condensed over the meadow. Those in attendance saw rain drops pool and puddle up two hundred feet above their heads.While those without headsets saw nothing, for they collapsed and died with the first soul crushing chord. Medical professionals in attendance reported detecting tiny rivulets of pureed cerebral matter running out from their ears.

Soon it will be ready. The discs glow and flash in the strong, artificial light. We put on our headsets. Public safety officers in these parts are really strict about things like that. I'm sure vampires would be able to survive it. But no one wants to play Ulysses . No one wants to hear the siren song... at least not at full strength.

Jonathon sits next to me. I offer my hand. He takes it. Someone goes up to the front of the assemblage and delivers a speech. They show films of 'Enemy Atrocities.' We watch silently. Then it ends and the real show begins........

We've heard rumors. We've heard stories. Expect a scaled down worm-hole. Look for trans-dimensional, butterfly-like creatures to erupt  out of the ether and flutter about our heads.. I'll believe it when I see it.

Shhhhh, be quiet. They're starting now.........


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