Monday, December 5, 2011


They locked Jonathon in one of the small, stainless steel feeding cells. All interior surfaces were clad in thick, matte finished metal. Seams were so fine, as to be almost invisible. Only a simple drain, down in the middle of the floor, interrupted the smooth, cool expanse. He crumpled to the floor and curled back into his now habitual fetal position. A little while later, the door opened again and they pushed her in, a pudgy, mean-faced little bitch. Bought her from some overcrowded cow-jail back on Earth. Kicked a  crippled kid to death in tenth grade. Did the same thing to a Hindu kid a year later. Mom didn't want her. Judge didn't care. She only had a public defender and he couldn't afford to kick back nothing, so they buried her alive. Locked her up for good and scissor-cut the swipe card. Eight months later, they shipped her out here, in a cage, snapped in next to some container-boxes filled with suppositories and Malox. Variations in gravity play shit with digestion and regularity. Other 'T.V.' (terrestrial vampire) dinners came in from all over the place. But she was one of the few who traveled alone. Told her mama she got snatched up by a giant eagle. It was either gonna be that, or chupicabras. Look, with an upside down ocean roiling away two hundred miles overhead, a giant eagle sorta make sense. And the nicotine saturated, squinty-eyed virago bought it. Warden bought her a new imitation Lazy Boy reclining chair, just to make things right.

So she starts yellin' and fightin' and kickin' and scratchin'. Spit in his face too, I think. But Jonathon just pushed her away. He didn't care, not til she nicked her big, bulby 'gorilla' toe on a sharp imperfection stickin' up from the drain cover. Then, it WAS ON. He jumps her and, starts grabbin' her all over. But just in  case you don't know, naked, hosed-down chubby girls tend to be mighty slippery. So they fall down on the floor. He slaps her a few times. She ball-kicks him real hard once or twice . Yeah, he was naked and hosed down too. Don't ask me. Somebody came up with that rule and all the other sons-a-bitches decided they liked it.

This wrestlin' match goes on for a few dozen heartbeats. Look, being a vampire and all, he coulda finished her quick, but I think he was still groggy. That had to be it. 'Cause when his eyelids fluttered for a second or two , she BANGS his head into the matte, finished, metal wall. He did look like he was gonna black out for a  minute. But then he shakes it off ... and his face takes on a real bad boy, leering grin. You ever see that poster from A Clockwork Orange... the one with Malcolm McDowell on it? You know, in that sexy, little derby and the eye make-up and all? Now I do think a different disembodied spirit made a similar reference, but that's just because it's so fitting. And Jonathon does make that bad boy face so good. Lemme tell you, Mr. Never You Mind seen lots a crazy maniacs and our Andalucian vampire is an expert at the craft.

She sees the change and backs up into a corner. Then she starts wailin' like it's 'first night' in 'juvvie' hall. Slides down the wall and sits there blubberin'. Bangs on the the metal, yellin' for somebody to help her. Gets all hoarse. Spits up a little phlegm. But he don't care. Just spoons in next to her, wraps his arms 'round her and bites through the skin. Stayed that way a good long time, just rockin' back and forth and holdin' her. Must a been takin' little drinks, but just little ones..... I think she liked it. Then he starts makin' deeper bites all over the contours of her bare, quivering body. Drank up all her good, hot, steak-tastin' blood. You know, fat people got a lot a that. She just moan and all. And he drinkin' and drinkin'. And she dyin' and dyin'. But he ain't cruel. No, sir, he ain't. So before she slipped away for good... he made sure she had a real happy 'bon voyage' party.


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