Thursday, December 15, 2011


It's cold in the Pine Barrens, truly cold. The snow began to come down late last night. Look, I might as well say twenty hours ago. The sky never changes. It's always dark. Some people claim to see a slight greenish tinge during what used to be the daylight hours. But that's just wishful thinking. And  you know how winter night- clouds used to reflect artificial ground light? Remember when they looked bright and crisp and vivid, like titanium white brush strokes upon a blue-black canvas? I wish we had them back. I miss them. Snow falls out of the darkness now. You barely see it on the ground. That's how dark it is.

They say mole people have been coming up out of the old subway tunnels. Their eyes are used to the dark. Some people use them as guides. Whether free, or slave, I don't know. Stuff like that goes on in the cities and we only get second hand information out here. A voice I heard in the dark once (turned out to be a chemist) said he can make luminescent mixtures and seal them in old mayonaisse jars. Baylah took him to an abandoned 7-Eleven. He found lots of jars there. Works in empty plastic Coke bottles too. Only thing, the mixture eventually eats through the petroleum based 'shell' and leaves nasty acid burns. You don't want to sit at a campfire with one a those things resting in your lap. But he's trying to come up with a sticky-gooey version people can carry around on twigs, something that don't burn. Baylah calls him 'the professor.' He calls her 'Marianne.' Actually, she's more like a ginger, but that's what he calls her.

Edith says she's pickin' up something from folks on the outside. Beyond the Sky-Sea she means. This 'morning' she got a vision from Mars. The Sky-Sea appears to be pulsating. Not a lot. Just a little, like the way bald heads do in cartoons when somebody smacks 'em with a club. And the whales are singin' somethin' different now. She heard that too. We're at least fifteen miles from the ocean, so I guess her ears get visions too.

Blackie swiped the little, original Great Armonica from The Franklin House. Not the cool place Doctor Franklin used to live in underneath the Navy Yard. Not the pimped-up crib he had at The Anti-Enchantment-Bureau. This joint is a museum the city built over the ruins of his house. They got the original armonica (bout as big as a small electric keyboard with legs) set up in a display case down the basement. Only they don't got it no more. Blackie does and he's comin' this way. Edith says. She knows. And Baylah believes her too. I do not know what we're gonna be able to do with that thing. The big ones didn't work. Remember that fiasco outside Jerusalem? And it gives me the cock-eyed shivers too. Sounds noise like a Tesla Coil. Makes me feel like I gotta pee every time I hear it.

They say some guys who work for what used to be the government got night vision goggles. A few other folks got 'em too, mostly looted ones from places like Brookstones or nice, little gun shops. The professor tryin' to make some outta junk he got from that 7-Eleven, but so far, they more like the X-ray specs you buy from the back a comic books.

Some people 'round here want a go out and 'kill' Johnny and Petunia.'  Shouldn't be too hard. She still blind and he hidin' in a dumpster back a old tampon factory. Guess he been burning 'em for light. It is illegal to sell them as individual units, so I know he ain't doin' that.

I miss Jonathon. Wonder what he's doin' now? Even Annie misses him in her own way. We know she goes roamin' around bitin' folkses toes off. Not a whole set. Just one or two to a customer. I mean like she IS tryin' to cut down. Nobody does nothin' to stop her. Life is so shitful now they think 'what the hell,' let her have her fun.

Just don't fall asleep without no socks on...


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