Saturday, December 3, 2011


Pin Head Mel runs around in the woods screamin'. He don't like the greenish light comin' down from the sky. It makes him cry and wet his pants. His people try to keep him inside, but he ain't dimb, even though he got a little tiny head. Kids used to tease him. They'd say - Boy, you must pay half price for a hair cut....He'd shake his head and grin, because he did. Now he mostly sits on the floor or out in the dirt, huggin' his knees and rockin' back and forth. Sometimes he hums a little too.

Edith sends the cherub s over. He likes that. They fly around, laughin' their little baby laughs. He chases them and tags 'em. Then they chase after him. He runs and screams like the boogie-man gonna get 'im. But you know what? Look like the boogie-man gonna get us all.

Mister Edith's mushrooms is startin' to grow. Look nice too. And he been collectin' cans a tuna fish and Hormel chili, for when the black time come. Other folks stackin' up fire wood. Nobody know how cold it gonna get. No sunlight. No nothin'. Some people movin' out. They say you gotta set up close to one a them hot springs or somethin'. Gotta stick close to the heat. If it not comin' from the sun, then get it from the Earth. They got all that hot lava percolating around under there, right? Gotta be good for more then jus' burnin' up them Hawaiian virgins. I hear those Viking people they got up in Iceland use it. Take baths in it and everything. Not the lava. That would tend to be a bit counterproductive. I mean in the hot springs they got bubblin' in the vicinity a the lava.  I could go for a hot bath. Shame I just a disembodied spirit. Don't you know me? I think you do. I'm Mister Never You Mind.. Nobody else felt like talkin', so I guess that make me the master of ceremonies tonight..

Last time I buzzed through Philly, Doctor Franklin and the rest were leavin'  all them secret laboratories they got. Packed everything up. Put the mermaid hag, the Jersey Devil and all them other heebie-geebies they got into trucks and jus toted 'em off. Guess they dumped that ugly fish bitch somewheres off 'Lantic City. Jus' threw her back, like a much too ugly to fry sea bass. Devil mus be runnin' round back in the Pines. Don't know what they gonna do when the big chill comes. Some say them mermaids and mermen gonna shimmy  down deep to them undersea, hot water pipes they got (vents, they call 'em). Gonna live off clams and crab-bugs in the dark.Wish 'em luck, but I wouldn't like that. Gimme a good sweet potato pie and glazed pork chops. Guess they gonna be able to raise pigs in the dark. For a while anyway.. The two-legged-no-fish-tail, split-assed people. I mean..

Minnie and Blackie want a 'turn' some hoomin people they like. You remember them. They vampires too, only I guess God didn't give 'em no starring role. They say it'll be easier for vampires. Least they hope so. Edith tells 'em to wait. Minnie mostly stays in Center City. It's funny. She look like a old lady. Not her skin. She still got that vampire skin and all. But her face, the way she look, the way she stand. It ain't the same Minnie no more.

Annie been real quiet too. Somebody from Doctor Franklin drove out here, to the Pines, I mean. She wanted to take that little vampire gal wit 'em. They gonna go ZOOM, up to the moon, or some place even worse. Never did care much for travelin' myself. Luna came with. Annie is partial to her. But she used to the elves now, so she say 'no.'

People payin' all kinda a money tryin' to get ass room on one a them space ships, cryin' how they gotta get to Mars. Circus Towne1, Circus Towne City, that's where they wanta  go. But who care about money now? You gotta know somebody. You gotta have the right cousins. Shove that money. This the Twilight Zone. And that ain't no joke. Look up. you gonna tell me I'm wrong. Elves and cherubs stay out mos' the time now. Blackie gets up early too.Don't know who or what they been eatin'. An' they don't wanna say.

Other kinda vampires runnin' round too now, crazy ones, 'noxious' ones. Ain't seen 'em here, but they close. Guy wit a ham radio say two crazy zombies (but they ain't really zombies) been killin' folks up 'round the Poconos. Know how we know they ain't zombies? Ain't no bones left. No gristle. No hair. No toe nails. It all burns up. You know... blue flame and all. Vampires... That a sign a vampires..... Come on, all you 'regulars' know that.

Come back tomorrow night.... Sarah gonna be here then.... Think Lailah's daddy got somethin' a say too....

Man, I wish they disembodied me in another universe, like the one you got, maybe.Muss be good bein' dead over there...


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