Sunday, December 4, 2011


Tonight I will tell you things. It is I. It is Sarah. The Platform is quiet. The surviving vampires have returned. Some are mute with fear. Others bound up in fetal positions. Jonathon is here with me. He sits in a chair stating at a video screen. Sometimes I pick up things. I see things in his mind. I see immensities of mass, huge rolling waves of energy that are to the Earth, as Earth is to a comet. And when he opens his eyes, they are as glass. The brown is gone. The white has vanished. They are clear. I can see the blood red tissue at the back. I can map out every vessel..

Some of the leaders had cameras affixed to their suits. The scientists were hoping for images. But they saw nothing. Yet equally tiny audio devices incorporated into the membranes heard things. They heard many things. They heard it all. Our computers can't decipher it. Mathematicians see no formula. The chaplains on board call it The Voice of God. No, they don't believe that's actually what it is, but it's definitely what it's like. One young cleric, I won't tell you his path, because that's not important, likened it to the blast of angelic trumpets. And one A.I. program calls it an infinity of frequencies. But some researchers discount that. And the A.I. program grows silent. Perhaps it sheds artificial tears?

We will not know if the multiple 'sublimations' had any effect. Detectors positioned throughout the solar system are still analyzing the results. Some near Earth report a microscopic lessening of 'Enemy' potentcy. But the sky lakes (now sky seas) continue to collect and in a few more weeks will encapsulate the planet. Conditions on the surface are cold and dim. Trees are dying. The tropical rain forests rot like garbage. And yet the 'Enemy' knows of our Martian colony. They've scanned Circus Towne1. We can pick it up. We can tell. Yet no sky lakes grow in Martian skies. Do they mean to destroy us or change us? Who can know.

He's going to feed soon. Jonathon, I mean. They told me. A victim awaits in one of the feeding chambers. They're supposed to be criminals. And I hear most are, though it's rumored some are political prisoners. Mine was an older man. They said he killed a twelve year old  girl. I did not press the issue. It was my time and I feed. I 'culled' a life. And he nourished me. Some of the other vampires, some of the older ones, are more acute. They pick up things, minute things. Papa can and he laughed. He knows these humans. He knows what they do. He's seen their rationalizations. But that didn't stop him. He had a fat one, filled to the brim with thick, rick blood. And he lapped up every drop.

The clouds of Saturn look different. At least I think they do. It's odd. When we first got here. When they first set everything up and we got our initial look at that butterscotch custard giant, many of us actually got sick. People were terrified, even vampires. It seemed ready to crush us, or suck us down into endless, toxic thunderheads.  And the thin, sharp ring edge threatened to slice us like a vast, celestial razor.. But now it's just 'Saturn' and I watch it like an aquarium. How adaptable we Earthlings are. Look at me. In a year's time I've gone from a young woman, living in Center City, Philadelphia, into a more or less competent 'vampirina.' That's what he calls me. And now I'm consort to a thousand year old Andalucian life-eater. Que sera, sera..... Am I right? Do you get it? Do you know what I mean?


Lailah's father, the pious Armenian Orthodox cleric, hurries through the dim, winding byways of the Old City of Jerusalem. He hugs something to his chest. It's large and wrapped in an old woolen cloth. People jostle him . He flinches. He gasps. He runs. The streets are filled with reverberating prayer. Multitudes plead for salvation, as the lofty, watery shell continues to grow. But look. The woolen cloth comes loose. A thin, strong shaft of golden light shoots forth from the hastily wrapped parcel.. He screams. Did they see it!? Did someone notice!? But many carry flashlights in this new born gray-green darkness. And some of them are quite strong too. So the secret is still safe. He quickly wraps it tight and disappears into the crowd.....


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