Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A YOUNG VAMPIRINO LEARNS WHY part II..a return to the night before Christmas Eve

Look back, oh best beloveds, for Jonathon sits with the scholars. He occupies a chair in the library of The Great Rashi. Do you remember it? Perhaps a trip back to our December twenty third post would be beneficial? Wander through that night and then come back, so that we may proceed.......

Jonnathon saw the lizard. He saw it run up the raw, stone wall and he knew. This was not his world. He was not on Earth. The details were wrong. Six legged Earth lizards do  not exist. And another 'disciple' seated at the table laughed. But then Rashi held up his hand and all were silent. 

Our Andalucian vampirino said - Why have these things happened? Why are we all changed? Explain it to me. For what purpose? I have asked others, but they hold back. They keep things secret. Why is this 'world' different from all other 'worlds'?.......Why?

Rashi looked at him, smoothed his linen tunic and spoke. He said - Because it was time. For every thing there is a season. And a time for every purpose under Heaven. Do you know those words?...........Jonathon nodded and the venerated philosopher of The Faith continued............. Humanity's cradle has been transformed. Other islands have been prepared for you, one in particular. Before, you inhabited only Eretz, only the Earth. But now you may build houses on another. Ma-adim, Mars, has been made ready for you too. Could it be that along some other 'river,' by the side of other waters, and I speak of parallel universes (you know that) mankind might have worked these wonders on their own? Of course. But that world is not this world. You see, Jonathon, we experiment and learn things just like you. Why do you think we gave you the Moon? And I know you've had this conversation with others of our kind before. But the plans were not complete then. Even acts of creation take time. The Moon was a stepping stone, a carefully positioned footstool, lovingly placed in the path of a toddler to give him rest...and confidence. Ma-adim is the next step. Then the water-worlds of Tzadek (Jupiter). I believe you have some knowledge of them? The manta ray people? The first 'aliens' you're set to encounter.

Jonathon whispered - What are  you? Are you God? Are you, all of you, I mean, a manifestation of The Divine?

Rashi said - No, not divine. Not in that sense. We use a term... Not the shepherd, but the sheepdog.....

Jonathon froze.

I believe you're familiar with the term? - said the sage. 

Jonathon nodded.

Your people, the life-eaters, the vampires, I mean, they use it too. I know that. And the old ones, the very old ones, are somewhat like us. You've seen things. You know. True, there is a difference of degree. But the seeds of what will be are clearly there. All life evolves. And that does not cancel out The Creator. Mankind may have sprung from lower creatures. But once the change was made, the CHANGE was MADE. And a new being set foot upon the world. You flow from them. And your kind faces many changes too...... But if all this is too fast for  you, I'm prepared  to give  you a choice. 

What?- whispered the Earth-born vampirino.

I will put you back into the position  you occupied before the rivers split. I will return you to a different parallel universe, similar to your own in every way, save one.... We, never arrived. Not in this manner anyway.

Will all those I love be there too?- asked Jonathon.

Yes - said the Rashi simulation.

Will I be human? Will I be back in Al-andaluz? - said the 'young' vampire.

No. - said the teacher. I cannot alter your form. But you will be with those you love. 

With Sarah and the others, you mean? Back in Philadelphia?

I can put you there.

Then do it. - said Jonathon.

The Rashi-thing just nodded. 

And a great pulse eminated out from every point in this 'reality'. The stone walls of the manor house became as static and disappeared. Then the deep, swirling clouds of Saturn dissolved, as a great wind enveloped our vampirino and carried him off through space. He passed through the realm of Tzadek (Jupiter). He sublimated through the asteroid belt. He saw the great briny, shield of water spinning perpendicular to the nearby surface of Ma-adim (Mars).  But then the time streams parted and he was back on Earth, sitting in the garden, staring at the moon. And he gasped at the finality of it all.

Somewhere in another place, a Great, Briny shield intercepted a dry, red world, bringing water to grateful colonists. But not here. Somewhere in another place lived Lailah and the Chevalier Jean-Michel. And somewhere he and Sarah had seen great things. Yet he chose to come back and that path was not his. 

A few heartbeats later, Sarah, his consort, quietly stepped out onto the cold, wintry back patio. She put her hand on his shoulder and said - Come. It'll be dawn soon. Let's go to bed. 

So he got up, put his arm around her and together they walked back into the large, stone house in Chestnut Hill. He picked up Annie's games and put them in the ottoman. Then he covered Edith (their human friend and 'housekeeper' who often fell asleep in front of the television) with an afghan. The 'elves' were in their place. The 'cherubs' in theirs. Other vampires known to him slept peacefully in other snug spots too.

But a moment later he stopped. He kissed Sarah, opened the door and together they went down to their own place in the dark.

Perhaps some night we'll visit that other 'stream.' Perhaps then we'll walk on Ma-adim and Tzadek. Jonathon will be there, Sarah too. But that night is not this night. And so it is done.

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