Wednesday, February 22, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... Dust devils

They found Hilda's tank makin' big circles in the dirt. The engine was still runnin'. The music was still on (some lunar show playing Cosmetica from like the year 2130). So you know she wasn't listening to that. Bart's flying cowboys saw it while they were up on patrol. In case you are new to this, the cowboys do not actually fly, but the sky-ponies do. And La Polvarosa got the best stable this side a El Plano. 

Wern 't no blood inside the tank. Some a them old lady magazines Hilda read were throwed around. Few a her old lady under drawers too. Bart has this kit. It lets him do a DNA scan. Real simple stuff. Kids in middle school got the same thing. And according to that kit, she was traveling with two other people, both male. Must a been hands from over her place.

No tracks in the dirt. No nothin'. what ever (or who ever) carried 'em off threw some kind of a hinky-dink. This ain't natural. Gotta be kit-kat shit. They didn't tell Miss Sissie. She already lose a lot a people. Said they intercepted her (Hilda, I mean) a ways out and learned she was runnin' for the border.  So Miss Sissie think she in Barsoom or somethin', 'stead a gettin' herself peeled apart by sharp kit-kat finger nails down in a spidery crack-cave some wheres. Bart's boys brought the tank back. Who knows? Them what lives here might need it. Folks runnin' in to the city all over the place. 

Chinese got a base, maybe two bases, some wheres over the Canyon..... Just in case you do not know, when I say 'Canyon,' I am referring to the Vale Marinarus, the Grand Canyon a Mars. But you will have to excuse my spelling, seeing as I am only the voice a the lonesome pines. And lonesome pines voices ain't got too much smarts when it come to writin' down all kinds a shit.

It real quiet in the house. They got the dust blinds shut tight. Dust blinds is like little metal garage doors what roll down over all them doors and windows. Keeps it clean during a 'Big, Red Roll,' That what the weather goomer call it when duster comin'. Look like a twenty mile high, blood red tidal wave. Some folks gets hearty-tacks jus' seein' it. But once you inside it, it not so bad, if you got one a them breathin' hinky-dinks pressed over your face. Can't see nothin', but it not so bad...Hell, what do you think.... you're gonna live forever?

Kids is down in the basement fun center. The got movie house. They got hologame arcade. They got all kind a fish aquarium, some kind a bowlin' shit and whole mess a other shit too. Davey's only like six (in Earth years) but he know how to work it all. Alec's two is mostly quiet. Oh, they do like fingerin' all that crap, but they still partly sad 'bout losin' they daddy. Miss Monica (they mama) settin' up in the kitchen. They do got a little one down in the fun center. It look like an old timey diner. But I not talkin' 'bout that. I talkin' 'bout the big one upstairs. She fixin' up a big pot a spaghetti. Guess there gone be meatballs too. She mashin' somethin' 'round. Miss Sissie just set there makin' like she watchin'. But she not watchin'. She thinkin'... 'bout her second baby Alec bein' gone...'bout Whitey shootin' up the funeral...'bout Little Davey almost gettin' hisself all killed up.... She ruminatin' 'bout lot a stuff. 

Zeb call when he can. They got some kind a hinky-dink runnin' through the system, so he cannot get through whenever he want. Funny thing is, folks already treatin' him like he a senator. Ain't had no 'lection. Can't with all them kit-kats (excuse me... I really should say Tuva-Tuva) and Chinese soldiers runnin' 'round. But wit' Stinker Jones as your political  sugar daddy that ain't no big thing.

Folks still waitin' for The City a New Orleans ( big, long, shiny space train) a pull in. It  don't roll down onto the ground. They got a station up over the atmosphere. It pull in there. Whole mess a little shuttle cars tote all the crap down. But Chinese goomers be shootin' at it. Already lost two loads. Can't lose another. 

Not like we don't whip  up shit out here. But you have to understand we still tied to Earth. Goomers down there got laws in place. Tell us what we can and cannot do. Certain type a manufacturin' not legal up here. Say it gonna 'grade down the echo-system. But echos still sound mighty fine a me.

Jus' hope that train get here. 

Miss India (she Zeb's wife and Little Davey mama) say she gonna kill herself if Chinese soldiers start humpin' her up. She gonna kill herself if big, ole kit-kat man start jumpin' on top a her. But Miss Monica jus' smirk like when she hear that. Miss Sissie make a funny look too. They know what she like. Shit, half the people what be in her church know what she like. And that jus' 'cause the other half ain't had no turn yet.

It nice a be active in a congregation. Meet a whole lot a nice folks that way.

Provided they ain't mean-faced Chinese soldiers, or jazzed up Tuva-Tuva men. 

Doan know  how long the power gone last. Already gettin warm in there. Sometime when they can't take in no more, cowboys roll up one a them dust devil hinky-dinks an' ev'rybody fall out on a veranda for like an ice tea or somethin'. But all it take is one 'funny' noise, or some little thing  up in a sky an' ev'rybody tumble back inside...


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