Thursday, February 2, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... Night Talk

The cops were camped outside. One or two were somewheres  in the big house, but they mostly stayed outta sight. Hobart wanted to call in his own people. He got ties to private security guys when he need 'em. Miss Sissie say she don't want 'em. She say give it a chance. Let the police do whatever it is they do.  He say - Alright..... But then he go down into the den to make phone calls. Got a special line. Can't be bugged or hacked into. Well, once some dumb goomer managed to dip into it. But then he got 'hacked' into right back. Tit for tat it was. 'Cept wern't too much tit left to tat when they were done.

Kids is all upstairs. Zeb and India whisperin' away in their room. Alec's wife (that what they usually call her) laid out over the bed in guest room number one. All the grandbabies tucked away in they places. Alec's kids are what might be charitably called 'semi-assholes,' but they are STILL 'family' semi-assholes. And Hobart knows they scared plenty. 

Now he come back up from the den. Must a called his 'cowboys,' his private posse. They won't show up right away. They just gonna go huntin' a little. See what the dogs turn up. 

Bart can't stomach the crowd Alec mushes up wit. Bunch a weak, gutless, whining, 'give-aways.' That all they want a do. 'Help the poor.' 'Do somethin' for them Tuva-Tuva folks.' 'Be nice!' 'Be nice!' 'Be nice!' Be nice to grind 'em down to bone meal. That what he think. 

Miss Sissie just sit there. She pretend like she knittin'. But that ain't gonna be no vest or nothin'. Skinny Tuva-Tuva gal give her an ice-tea. She ain't gonna drink it. 

Maybe she want a talk? Maybe that would help settle her a little? But that Old Man don't wanna talk. He like to look at the fire. That what he do when he don't wanna talk. Bart real good at fire-lookin'. But he thinkin'. Oh, yeah, he thinkin'.

Got drones outside too. Cops put them up. Fly all over lookin' at stuff and sniffin' for stuff. Don't know what they doin' over in the city. But that is the last place people seen 'im.  Stinker call the shots over there. Bart mus' know somethin'. But he don't say.

Wanna know what I think? They gonna find him. They gonna find the body. Then they gonna grab an 'Oswald,' maybe whole bunch a 'Oswalds.' Cut 'em up real good. Burn 'em up real nice.......... Not the goomers what did it. Stinker like them. He need them. They animals. They do things. Dumb, maybe. But they do things. 

Then Zeb gonna sit his ass in the senate. Miz India gonna smile at folks and cut a lot a ribbons. The other one, the 'wife'.......Alec's wife, I mean, will get taken care of. Settle a little gold on her. Maybe fix them semi-assholes up a little. It'll be all right. Miss Sissie gonna go a teensy bit more crazy. But she cruisin' down that road anyway.

And Stinker and Hobart gonna reach an agreement. Who know? Maybe somebody close to that fat bastid gonna go 'gook' too?

Now if you were to take a look outside, if you were to take a look into the inner workin's aWhitey's brain, you'd see them wheels turnin'. He nervous. He sweatin'.  Want a sneak off to that book writin' goomer in the city. Only he can't. Them drones worse'en hoss-flies. Them drones is everywheres. So he gotta stay put. 

Had a hide that chewed off finger, though. Had a hide that gruesome keep-sake REAL good. So you know what he did?....... Aw, come on! You don't 'spect me to spell it out for you? Do you? 

But let jus' say he walkin' a little funny. And let jus' say that old hound dog payin' extra special 'ttention to his butt.


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