Sunday, February 26, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... The Gauntlet

The abandoned sky-ponies knew what to do. A horse moves on instinct. They go where the 'life' is. Danny Boy took the lead. He smashed down the stable door and ran out into the paddock.  The others stayed back in the shadows watching. But after he nickered and reared a  couple times, they filed out to join him. I'd say there were about eighteen a them in all. Assorted types. All colors, but each one prettier than the next.  

First they ran around in circles. Then they suddenly stopped to taste the air. Danny Boy did some stompin'. He pushed the others back. Then he stretched them sinewy wings and started kickin'. Sky-ponies gotta 'heat the blood' 'fore they take off. That what he doin' now. Soon the others start 'dancin' too. Then he stomp down that fence, run flat out into the field and vault up into the sky. He like flyin' 'naked.' He like goin' up wit' out no saddle. They all do. Don't get the chance much. But now times is different.

Soon a whole mess  of 'em fall in and start circlin' the big house. Danny boy feelin' the wind. He 'cidin' where to go. Big Pond look interestin', but that too close. Time for new territory. Time to set out and travel. Can't see it yet. But he knowed there a big river up ahead. He could smell it. He  could feel it. So 'bout forty two heart beats later they falls into position and tear off. Sky-ponies do like geese do. They do like all big flyin' critters do. They form a 'V'. Cuts the drag. Saves energy. I do not know if any Earth humans were left in the vicinity to see 'em, but they sure paint a pretty picture. And two sets a eyes were sad to see 'em go.

If y'all recollect the beginnin' a this tale, you know we got a real nice mare what just dropped a right smart little colt. He too young to fly off. And she ain't gonna leave him. Maybe they be all right. Pig Pond got lots a water. She know where them big bags a pellets is. Food ain't gone be no problem. 

Chupicabras and Tuva-Tuva's another story. Mama horse can always fly off. But little guy can't. He prime meat. He filet mignon. Chupis know that. They real partial to baby horse flesh. It the mos' 'spensive thing on the menu. 

You see, how they do it is three or four big 'hunters' run him down. Don't make no difference if they male or female. Chupi hunters can be boaf. Now mama horse gonna put on a show. She gone be stompin' and kickin'. Maybe bean a few a them bastids. But she gone be too scared a take to the air. She don't wanna leave him alone.  And that a real shame. That mean she gone get her stomach all bit up. Chupi like a sink his teeth into hot guts. They real good at racin' in, rippin' up and runnin' off. And them what don't hunt gone be jumpin' and screamin' and shittin' . Jus' like a bunch a demons on vacation. Sometimes they throw shit too. It what primates do, don't you know.

Ain't no chupis 'round here now. Mama horse know. She can tell. Little guy got hisself all scared up. He ain't never been 'lone like this. Look at him lookin'. He don't know. He don't know what gonna happen. 

Mama horse start headin' off to the Big Pond. She go real slow. She keep lookin' back. She know he gonna follow. Maybe good long drink gonna calm him down. Maybe stompin' 'round them shallows just what he need. 

Now did I tell you that Tuva-Tuvas got a thing for sky-ponies too? They don't like 'em. Ain't natural. Ain't got no right. Bad magic. Bad hinky-dink. Earth folk made 'em. Devil stitch 'em up.

That why kit-kats kill 'em up all the time. Do they eat 'em? I don't know. Maybe rogue band do ev'ry now and then. But most of 'em don't. They jus' burn 'em up and watch 'em die. 

But ain't no kit-kats 'round here, not now anyway. They all up the road a ways... Horses safe...... People ain't..........


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